Tuesday, 17 November 2015

How to Cheat Your Way to The Most Amazing Brownie :) - #TipsTuesdays 13

So there has been a lot of darkness since Friday and so I wanted to post something light and inconsequential today to brighten the air, just a little.

How to Cheat Your Way to The Most Amazing Brownie

Normally I bake from scratch, but occasionally I try out the box mixes just for the hell of it - usually if they are on offer, because otherwise it's a ridiculously expensive way of baking a cake (most of the time). I've also found that some box mixes are a bit meh.

However, on Friday morning when I was shopping in B&M I came across this Thorntons Salted Caramel Brownie box mix for 99p (I believe ASDA have it on offer for 1.50 at the moment).

I thought to myself, why not.

Now, I have no doubt that just making up the box per instructions would have made a lovely brownie, however, here's the tip.

You cannot have enough chocolate in a brownie!

Hence I grabbed a bar of dark choc (semi-sweet) I had in the cupboard and chunked about a third of it into bits. Then I added those to the dry mix before I added the melted milk choc and butter.

I managed to produce brownie heaven. It was nearly as good as my friend Jennie's brownies, which are in fact the epitome of brownie making in their squidgy, chocolatey goodness.

P.S. the instructions said to cook for 20 mins for really squidgy and 25 for a firmer texture, but with the extra chocolate, 25 is a must. I checked at 20, but the brownie was still completely molten in the middle and at 25 it was just set.

Also, these were good as soon as they had cooled, but they were even better the next day (I made them Sunday and Rob and I finished the last two yesterday for pudding at dinner time).

Anyone else have any ridiculously easy cheats for delicious things to share?


  1. These sound amazing! I was just looking up brownie recipes before (peanut butter and chocolate chip ones...mmm), but I think I'm going to have to pop down to my local ASDA this weekend and see if I can grab a box of these. I like Sainsburys' ready-mixed sets, especially the salted caramel cupcakes!

    1. I haven't tried those - sound yummy. :D Hmm ... I now have a craving for chocolate.

  2. I cheat when I make chicken noodle soup. I add a can on the condensed stuff then load it up with veggies, extra chicken, and broth. Whenever I tried to make the soup from scratch it never tasted right. This way does so I stick to it. Plus it makes just the right amount for me and hubby.

    1. Sounds yummy. I have to admit to not having ever tried to make chicken noodle soup, but I use canned soup when I make stew - one oxtail one tomato and then add all the yummy veggies and meat :). So much easier than trying to do it from scratch.

  3. Who actually has brownies leftover the next day? Somehow, I manage to snarf them all down the same day. Of course, I end up with a tummy ache, but it seems worth it.

    Cheers - Ellen | thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com


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