Wednesday 16 September 2020

Recipe: Set Chocolate Mousse #GlutenFree #EggFree

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

Set Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is easy, delicious and very versatile. I made it last weekend for my family and it went down very well with everyone but my mother, but she doesn't like dark choc, so not really surprising. Might want to make the milk choc version for those with a sweeter tooth. Next time I plan to add a little orange liqueur to spice it up a bit.πŸ˜‹

The actual recipe comes from here: The Perfect Refuge an absolutely delightful Italian cooking channel on Youtube, but I use something of a different method, so I thought I would post it. This is the vid of the original recipe, and there is a second option using eggs as well - turn on the subtitles for English.

~15 slices (My father was the only one who managed to eat 2πŸ˜‚)


  • 250ml/1.05 cup cream (I used double, but I suspect single would be okay)
  • 40g/ 0.4 cup cocoa
  • 1 lt/4 cups milk
  • 150g dark (or milk) chocolate (3/4 cup of choc chips)
  • 70g/ 2/3 cup potato starch or corn flour (starch)
  • 60g/ 1/4 cup sugar (only need this is using dark choc - milk has plenty of sugar)


  • 1 large mixing bowl, 1 medium one
  • scales/measuring cups/measuring jug
  • hand whisk
  • sieve
  • large saucepan
  • large rectangular dessert/terrine tin


  1. Put the cocoa in the large bowl and slowly add the cream bit by bit using the whisk. You will end up with a thick paste.
  2. Add a splash of the milk to the paste to loosen it with the whisk, then keep adding and stirring until you've added about half the milk.
  3. In the medium bowl mix the corn flour/potato starch with the rest of the milk and whisk together.
  4. Add the corn flour/milk mixture into the cocoa mixture bit by bit using the whisk, making sure it combines well.
  5. Sieve the liquid into the large saucepan and push through any lumps remaining in the sieve. (I had just a few little ones).
  6. Heat gently on the hob and break in the chocolate.
  7. Stir continuously while the chocolate melts, then bring the mixture to the boil.
  8. Boil gently for 2 mins or until the mixture has thickened (took me more like 5, but I was heating it very gently because I fear the mixture splitting).
  9. Line the tin with cling film (if your mould is silicon, this step may be unnecessary, but it makes like a lot easier),
  10. Pour in the mixture and place more cling film over the top, in contact with the mixture.
  11. Place the dessert in the fridge for 5-6 hours min (I did mine overnight).
When you are ready to serve, remove the top cling film, turn it out onto a large platter, remove the rest of the cling film, and dust with a little cocoa. Slice with a sharp knife into individual portions. Serve will little crunchy biscuits for a bit more texture - it would be wonderful with amaretti.

It is really nice with a little more cream drizzled on if you like you desserts even richer.

Banner Photo by Ihor N on Unsplash