Wednesday 10 March 2021

Free Books for All - To Get You Hooked!

Free Books for All

Free Reads

Greetings, lovely people. I hope 2021 is going well for you and things are looking up after the garbage fire that was 2020. ๐Ÿ’–

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce/remind everyone of the free books I have available out there, which are (mostly) shamelessly trying to get you hooked on the series they are part of.

N.B. On Amazon these books will be price-matched to free where that is possible. I apologise if Amazon does not price-match in your region, but they only allow us to pub for 99c minimum and then price-match if we ask very nicely. They also have a nasty tendency to remove price-matching at random intervals so I have to re-request it. I do my best to keep on top of this, but apologies if I have missed one.

Books by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Soul reader is a series of short stories (free) and novellas (not free). There are 3 books in the series at the moment.

Forgotten Soul (Book 1 of Soul Reader)

Forgotten Soul - Soul Reader Book 1
John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it's what he does and he's good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it's more about blood than sex. Hiding behind a false smile and his acting skills is the only way he survives, but when he meets one of his latest clients, Michael, his professional detachment is severely threatened, leading him into very dangerous territory.

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Fortunate Soul (Book 3 of Soul Reader)

Fortunate Soul - Soul Reader Book 3
With a lot of help from Michael, John is recovering slowly from his kidnapping ordeal at the hands of his previous employers. However, John has noticed changes in Michael's behaviour towards him now that he has been marked by the organisation's captive vampires. He's worried his scars will be too much for their fledgling relationship.

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If you would like all 3 books of the series in one package in eBook or paperback, they have been bundled for your reading pleasure:

Soul Reader 1-3 (£1.99, $1.99 or £8.99, $10.99)

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Me Myself and I: Superheroes and Supervillains or Concussion? 

(Book 1 of Dark Reflections)

Me, Myself and I
Tristan is an actor and he plays a supervillain in the movies. At least he thought he did, but then he has an accident and he wakes up surrounded by the world of the films. Now he has to figure out if he's hallucinating, if somehow the movies are real and he's been transplanted to another world or if he is actually Devon, a supervillain having a psychotic break. Whatever the answer: it's frighteningly crazy.

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And the other book in the series so far:

Dreams and Reality: Superheroes, Sex and Succour (£2.19, $3.29)

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Books by Virginia Waytes (my alter ego)

A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing: Testing of a Werewolf (The Manor #1 s01e01)

A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing: Testing of a Werewolf
Luciana Smythe, Lucy to her friends, owns and runs The Manor, an adult only establishment nestled in the heart of the English Countryside, specifically designed for fun and games of the sexy, X-rated kind. What makes it unique are the residents, supernatural beings hiding in plain sight. Some, like Lucy, a vampire-succubus hybrid, are very powerful paranormal creatures. Others need The Manor's protection.

The Manor takes in strays and those with nowhere else to go, and Lucy's latest lost sheep is a young werewolf, Joshua, on the run from his own pack. Inside The Manor's walls await a new pack, safety, and possible romance, but first Lucy needs to make sure this asylum seeker is what he appears to be and poses no danger to the rest of her found-family.

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Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability (The Manor #13 s02e01)

Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability
Josh is still dealing with an overactive libido as well as unpredictable magic thanks to joining with Lucy and the pack to save his sanity. It has been months and it is clearly not lessening. The obvious solution is to give up being a bartender and join the sexier side of the business at The Manor.

Unfortunately, there are two questions he needs to ask first:

1. As his mate, how will Pippa react to the idea?
2. Can he control his magic and the wolf at his core to be safe taking clients among normal humans?

He needs Pippa and Lucy to help him answer both.

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Find all the books in the series here:
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