Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Free Christmas Anthology for One and All!

Free Christmas Book from Wittegen Press

Free Christmas Anthology for One and All!

It's Christmas! So this month Soph and I have a free holiday anthology for everyone.

We want to spread a little Christmas cheer and, hopefully, bring a smile to all faces.

If you're feeling down around this time, for whatever reason, hugs to you and we hope it gets better for you soon.

Light of Christmas

Our little anthology has two heartwarming tales, one from me and one from Sophie.

Light of the World - Natasha Duncan-Drake

Kit and Sam have been together now for six years and three years ago they renovated and moved into Sam's parent's old house in a small village. Sam wants to revive the family tradition of a huge Christmas party, so what's his reclusive vampire husband to do, but say yes and try and melt into the shadows.

Winter's Curse - Sophie Duncan

Pippin is worried about her father who is deathly ill. She knows him as Papa C, the rest of the world calls him Father Christmas. Something is very wrong and dark magic is involved. Their only hope is a strange, dangerous woman who frightens Pippin, but she will do anything to save her father.

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Available FREE until Jan 6th 2020

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Christmas Wishes

đź’–Whether you celebrate Christmas as a Christian or enjoy it as a secular holiday where people are usually a little nicer and happier, I offer you this blessingđź’–:

May the love of the Holy Family,
The joy of the shepherds and angels,
And the peace of the Christ child,
be with you and those you love, this Christmas time.

Have a great holiday season - best wishes to one and all.

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