Sunday 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas One and All!

To all who celebrate Christmas, I wish you the blessings of the season.
To all those celebrating other festivals, may you have a joyous time.
To those who do not celebrate at all, I hope you enjoy those that do being a little nicer to each other and their fellow humans.
To those who are feeling pain at this time of year, for whatever reason, I wish you peace.

And to one and all a Happy and Hopeful New Year.

It's been something of a stressful year for my family, so we are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2017. I know I have neglected this blog, but I am hoping to be back at the beginning of January.

Friday 1 December 2017

Merry Mid-Winter! by Natasha Duncan-Drake #FreeFictionFriday

Free Fiction Friday

And December is here - I'm so excited - this is my favourite month of the year. Most of the family are December babies, so we have a season of birthdays as well as Christmas to look forward to. However, before that, it's the first Friday of the month which means it's Free Fiction Friday over at Wittegen Press. This month we have a fantasy version of the wonderful "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens for our lovely readers, with fairies and fauns and magic.

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This Month's Short Story

Merry Mid-Winter!
by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: paranormal, fantasy
Length: ~7.5K wds

Ebenzia is a fairy. She is supposed to see to the distribution of magic within her district of the magical forest of Lon, but she hoards it instead. This Mid-Winter Festival, forces beyond even her comprehension decide to intervene.

A fantasy version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

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