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I use resources from all over the internet to create covers and graphics, and to teach myself new techniques. These are some of the best sites I have found and used for completely free photos, fonts, textures, vectors, clipart, tutorials and more. Be warned - I thought I had kicked my font problem until I found DealJumbo ;).

Some have thousands of things, some just a few, but they all have something useful. I hope others may find them useful to.

If anyone has any to add, please do comment - always glad of new resources!

If I find more I will add to the list.

Royalty Free, Use for Anything (Personal & Professional) Image Sites



Fonts (some free for commercial use - some only personal use)



  • - fractal generator
  • Palette Generator
  • - Photoshop brushes (credit required)
  • SensiStock - pose reference
  • - Photoshop mock-ups
  • - Free Photoshop mock-ups - many of various book displays - brilliant for author marketing
  • - mockups
  • Incompetech - Royalty Free Music - Kevin Macleod creates royalty free music for which licenses can be purchases or credit given under Creative Commons.
  • Snap2IMG - creates preview pages for image directories - very useful for having previews all in the same place for a multi-folder system

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  1. Best list of resources.
    I will like to add one more website to your collection dailymockup


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