Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Two Free Short Stories for The Romantic at Heart

Two Free Short Stories for The Romantic at Heart

Good morning on this snowy Wednesday. I hope you are all warm and safe. Thanks to dear old Valentine, February is the month of love and Wattpad had lots of contests running. I have entered two of them and hence, today, I present 2 free short stories that have a side of romance. One is 2K words and the other is ~2.5K, so they are both the prefect length for a coffee break.

Castle In the Air

Katie's Great Nana Brenna always told the story of the cursed princess and the castle that appears every one hundred years. Only Katie ever believed it was true.

genre: paranormal, fantasy, vampire, lgbtq+, romance
length: 2K words

Oh Dear

written for the Valentine's Contest 2018

Lorrie is about to discover she had been oblivious for far too many years. Her wife, Mags, has a really big, supernatural secret, and their neighbours aren't exactly average people either.

genre: paranormal, werewolf, lgbtq+, romance, humour
length: ~2.5K words

P.S. If you enjoy the stories, I would be incredibly grateful if you would hit the vote button on the chapter at Wattpad - it's one of the ways stories become more visible on the platform. Many thanks.

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