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AtoZ2017 - L is for Loki & remus Lupin #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 12 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter L. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

L is for 


So who else could I go with for L than the greatest trickster of them all, Loki? In Norse legend he is a shapeshifter extrodinaire and in the MCU he has these abilities, but toned down a little.

Played by the wonderful Tom Hiddleston, Loki is broken, bonkers and beautiful. This is one guy with serious daddy issues. Not only is he forever trying to get the attention of his adopted father, but in doing so he killed his real father as well. For a very intelligent being he's definitely one sandwich short of a picnic in a lot of his reasoning.

Loki has the ability to literally become someone else, as seen when he takes the form of Odin and Captain America. We know he can change his form at a fundamental level because he has lived his whole life in a body that is not his own. As a Frost Giant he should be blue, but either Odin changed his form when he rescued him as a baby or Loki's magic did it instinctively, making him Aesir. It was finding out his true heritage that pushed Loki off the deep end, his stesser as they say.

As you can probably tell, Loki is one of my favourite characters - he has so much depth. He's such a great character that they had to cut him from the dream sequence in Age of Ultron, because he was in it for 30 seconds and the trial audience assumed he organised the whole thing.

Werewolf of the Day

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

One of the Marauders, friend to James and Lily Potter and werewolf.

Remus was infected with lycanthropy by Fenrir Greyback in a revenge attack against his father Lyall. He is a quiet person, but highly intelligent and willing to dive into trouble for his friends.

Along with Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew he created the Marauder's Map while at Hogwarts, giving him and his friends the ability to see where every being was in the castle. The map even sees through enchantments.

During Harry's third year he taught at Hogwarts as the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, during which time we find out he takes the Wolfsbane potion to prevent there werewolf part of his nature from taking over at the full moon.

His was a member of the Order of the Phoenix during the first wizarding war against Voldemort and rekindled his role when Voldemort returned. He married Nymphadora Tonks, another member of the Order, and had a son, Teddy.

In the movies he is played by the great David Thewlis.

Happy AtoZ - I hope you are enjoying the challenge.
  • Have you seen the new teaser trailer for Thor Ragnarok yet?
  • Which Loki incarnation is your favourite - MCU, comics or mythological?
  • Could you maintain your zen like Remus seems to do, with all the injustice around him?
See you tomorrow!

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  1. I haven't seen the new trailer yet. I do prefer mythological Loki over the other versions, though Tom Hiddleston playing the part is a big bonus. :)

    A to Z 2017: Magical and Medicinal Herbs

  2. Hi Tasha - Now I've heard of Loki, and have heard of Marauders ... but sadly that's about as far as I've got ... and oh yes Tom Hiddleston has filtered into my brain! I hope to maintain my zen like Remus does ... cheers Hilary

  3. Great post. As a trickster Loki definitely wins out over other similar mythical characters and Tom's version to me is one of the best. As far as Remus goes, I doubt I would ever be able to remain that calm and accepting. Find me here. LINK

  4. Great post. As a trickster Loki definitely wins out over other similar mythical characters and Tom's version to me is one of the best. As far as Remus goes, I doubt I would ever be able to remain that calm and accepting. Find me here. LINK

  5. I'm more familiar with the mythological Loki, but I guess if you're a trickster then being able to change shape is the number one attribute!

  6. That's too funny about Loki taking over the movie in thirty seconds!

  7. Loki is definitely one of the best characters!
    Lupin makes me think about re-reading the HP series... it is about time to revisit the wonder.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    L'amour: The Second Hand Emotion
    Best Wishes!

  8. Shapeshifters are wonderfully fascinating. Loki is a great character. Loved your post, thanks for sharing.

    L for Lightsaber

  9. I have such a soft spot for the tricksters, and I lean into liking Loki best in the mythological incarnation. As far as Remus goes - I think he should be delivering lessons on how to hold Zen-like calm amidst to our entire collective. We clearly could use it!

  10. loki is fun and i love remus. i only know graphic novel loki from the movies, but he's a cool mix of villain and anti-hero.

  11. I had not heard of Loki, but he does sound interesting. I had heard of Lupin, although only in the books, I never watched the movies.
    Finding Eliza

  12. What a great theme! I included Loki in my B for Bad Boys post :)

  13. Loki and Remus, now we're talking. Love the Marvel Universe and Harry Potter.

  14. How can you not love Loki? He's the villain you sorta want to win. LOL

    Not sure I want to be reminded of Remus. I have not forgiven JK Rowling for that.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Fascinating. You know more about Remus Lupin than I was able to glean from the movies or my husband's reading of the books! (He's a huge Harry Potter fan).

  16. Lupin was one of my favourite character in the Harry Potter saga, but then, I love warewolves ;-)

    I know Loki only by fame. Never seen him of screen.

    The Old Shelter - 1940s Film Noir

  17. Two great characters, and actors. Shame Lupin didn't make it :(
    @Raesquiggles from
    The Quiet Writer


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