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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

10 Best Sweet Treat Recipes Ever! - #TipsTuesdays 3

Today for Tips Tuesday 3 I have decided to link you to my favourite sweet treat recipes - I have made them all and they are all awesome. Very much worth the calories if you are in the mood for patting yourself on the back or indulging friends and family. The recipes range from cake to fudge, so be ready :).

Tips Tuesdays, is a weekly blog feature where I impart tips on anything that crosses my mind :). There will be recipes, book/film/TV recs (not full reviews, those are for another day), things I discovered by accident, links to websites, basically anything and everything that might be useful.

10 Best Sweet Treat Recipes Ever!
  1. Mimi's Pound Cake
    This is my favourite cake recipe ever and I use it over and over again. You can make the standard vanilla version as shown in the recipe, or you can change it up by adding coffee or exchanging some of the flour for cocoa. It's especially good if you half the mixture and do one half coffee and the other vanilla and then marble the two together.

    The frosting can also be changed. The vanilla version works really well with a chocolate ganache instead of the caramel, or a lemon drizzle. This is a cake that can take anything.
  2. Marshmallow and Biscuit (Cookie) Bites
    Now there are two versions of these that I really love, but they can be made with any hard cookie that you can crush. If you want to jazz them up for a party, they are relatively sticky when you first cut them so you can dip them in sprinkles or use a little edible glitter to make them pretty. Word of advice though - don't use blonde cookies and very pink marshmallows (the big pink and white ones are okay - the little pink ones for floating in hot chocolate are not) unless it's Halloween and you are going for a dead flesh look ;). Come to think of it the mixture using pink marshmallows would make awesome corpse fingers for a horror party if you got your sculpting hat on.

    Banana Flavour Marshmallow BitesThese make a great nibble to go with coffee or tea and in our house they are known as Banana Crack because you can't eat just one.

    Raspberry and Custard Bites
    This version is a little bit more fiddly, but looks more sophisticated when you are done :)
  3. Double Chocolate Fudge Cakes (Gluten Free)
    Here is a recipe for all my gluten intolerant friends that it absolutely as good, if not better than normal chocolate cakes I have tried in the past. This is my favourite chocolate cake recipe.

    The recipe at the link tells you how to make little cupcake size cakes, but I have also used it to make a big layered cake - all I did was make a 3rd extra mixture and split it into three small (8inch) round tins for baking (make sure to line the bottom of the tins with greaseproof or parchment paper.so the cakes turn out easily). Then I double the amount of icing and used it to sandwich the layers and ice over the top and sides of the cake. When doing this version you just have to be careful when handling the cake because it's very soft and brownie like so it will crack.
  4. Banana Cup Cakes With Vanilla Icing
    These are some of the first cupcakes I ever made when getting into my cup cake experimental phase and I still love them. They are lovely and moist and I haven't met anyone who didn't like them, except for the friend who is allergic to bananas :). Always use very ripe bananas - the riper the better the flavour of the cupcakes.
  5. Easy No Bake Cheesecake 
    I kid you not, this is the easiest cheesecake recipe ever and it always sets. Never have a soggy cheesecake again :) The secret to this recipe is the jelly (jello for my US friends) - it not only flavours the cheesecake, but sets it to perfection. I was given this recipe by my mother-in-law, Yvonne, and she always has to make it for family gatherings because it is so popular. You can make whatever flavour you want - whatever is your favourite jelly, run with it.
  6. Galette
    This is a Mary Berry recipe and it is amazing. It is absolutely fabulous with pears in some form of alcohol, whether that means buying some in a jar or poaching your own. I have included a recipe for easy poached pears to go with in in at the link. This is a great recipe for Christmas or any other time of celebration.
  7. Greek Honey Crunch Creams
    These are a fabulous, crunchy cream filled cookie that everyone who likes honey will love. They will keep for a day or so, but not too long, so be prepared to let them be devoured :).
  8. After Eight Cheesecake
    So this is probably the most complex recipe on the list, mostly because you have to layer the cheesecake, so it takes some thinking about. This is not a recipe for those who do not like alcohol since it has two kinds in it. The recipe as written is to make 8 individual cheesecakes, but you could always make one large one if you wanted to. I'm just not sure how it would hold up under it's own weight since I have never done it :).
  9. Awesome Zabaglione
    Such a decadent dessert with lots of lovely cream. I'm not sure how authentic the recipe is, but it sure it yummy.
  10. Easy Chocolate Fudge
    This really is the easiest fudge you will ever make because it's the chocolate that makes it set so you don't have to worry about temperatures of sugar or anything like that. The only thing you must remember to be careful of is over heating - if you over heat it, it will split. I can't find anywhere I have posted this before and I can't for the life of me remember where it originally came from, so here it is:
    • 500g/1lb2oz Dark Chocolate
    • 75g/2.25oz unsalted butter
    • 400g/14oz canned condensed milk
    • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1. Grease 20cm/8inch tin and line the base with greaseproof or parchment paper.
    2. Melt the chocolate with the butter and condensed milk in a saucepan. As I said above, be careful to do this gently or it will split.
    3. Beat in the vanilla until.
    4. Pour into the tin and allow to set in the fridge.
    5. Cut into squares and eat :).
So there you have them, my favourite sweet treats. I very much hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

What is your favourite sweet treat? Please share and if you have a recipe link, feel free to leave it in the comments too :)


  1. Banana Split , or even better , a big piece of German Chocolate Cake....

    1. I really wish I liked bananas because banana splits always look so good :) What defines a German Chocolate Cake? I love a good choccie cake.

    2. Lots of different nuts rich chocolate ... some form of a glaze over $15.00 of ingredients... Too sweet to take more than a few bites at a time...
      My Aunt used to bake one for Holidays...

    3. we do not care for bananas either (acid reflux issues) so have bits of it and chocolate sauce.... ... but the rest of it is very good...

    4. Sounds yummy - is this the right thing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_chocolate_cake

    5. Reminded me of an old joke... Two cannibals we eating ... one turns to the other and says "You know..., I really Hate my Mother-in-Law"..... the other responded ... then just eat the noodles"...
      ... what trying to say is ... don't eat the bananas ... just enjoy the rest of it...
      have a great day , dear lady Tasha.... I have another round of tooth extracted in a couple of hours...

    6. That does not sound pleasant - I wish you luck. Have a good a day as possibly with tooth unpleasantness involved.

    7. Sorry dear lady... just my sense of humor ... the point that were were trying to convey with a touch of "humor") was just do not eat the bananas... maybe a a few small bits tor added "flavor"...
      No "offense" intended dear Lady Natasha...

  2. No offence taken :) When I said "that doesn't sound pleasant" I was talking about the tooth.


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