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Monday, 10 August 2015

Darth Vader - Man Made Monster - #MonsterMondays 14

Hello on this bright and sunny Monday. Today I have chosen one of my favourite type of monsters - the redeemed ones. Also my god daughter is really into Star Wars so I had to pick a character from the series sooner or later :). Be warned, I am going to assume most people have seen the films, so nothing counts as a spoiler and this doesn't include anything to do with the newer films because I only managed to watch Episode I all the way through.
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Darth Vader - Man Made Monster

Darth Vader, the Sith Lord and epitome of evil, at least for the first two Star Wars movies. He was bad to the core, I was convinced of it, until I saw Return of the Jedi of course ;).

Now I actually came into the Star Wars franchise at The Empire Strikes Back because I was too young for Star Wars when it came out. My parents were clueless about sci-fi and took us to see Empire without realising it was a sequel when we couldn't go on the second half of a school trip because they were going to the beach and we had casts on our feet. I think I can honestly say this is a film that helped mould my psyche.

I love all things mythical and sci-fi (which is why when they tried to explain The Force in Star Wars Episode I, I threw a fit ;)) and it's all Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's fault. I'm also a sucker for anything hurt/comfort and that's all because of the whole Luke, Han and the tauntaun bit, but that's a whole other post.

When I first saw Empire, I was too young to follow any nuances of character, Vader was simple, big and very, very bad. He was the villain to be booed and riled against. In Episode IV (which I saw when they first showed it on TV) he pretty much is just that - the big bad with superpowers who was half machine. He is merciless, psychopathic and determined to wipe out the rebellion with all the resources at his finger tips. He also makes the mistake of being over confident.

In Empire he has the ultimate character growth with the famous line: "No, I am your father." when speaking to Luke. Finally Vader has a hint of humanity under the mechanical exterior.

He even wins in Empire, although he doesn't manage to keep his hands on Luke and Leia. Han is frozen in carbonite and on his way to Jabba, Luke has lost a hand and had to be rescued; things do not look good for the rebels at all. The fact that the baddies nearly won in Empire scarred me for life - this film is the reason I flick to the end of the book to see who dies before I will read it and actually like to know spoilers for big movies and TV series. It's all Vader's fault for being such a tricky bastard! ;)

Then comes Return of the Jedi and gets me right in the feels. I know some people hate Jedi because of the Ewoks. but it's actually my favourite of the trilogy. There, I admitted it ;). Empire is definitely the superior film for drama, but my fav is still Jedi. I once watched it with my sister four times in one day when we first hired it on VHS.

I love a good monster, but I really, really love a good monster redeemed. The fact that Vader sacrifices himself to kill the Emperor and save his son sent me into squees of ecstasy. I adore a good ending and that made me cry and feel very satisfied at the same time. Luke helped Vader save his soul and return to from the dark side - I still love that trope.

Darth Vader began as a true monster - the unredeemable villain, and evolved to be simply human. As the films went on they became more sophisticated and so did he and I think he is one of the all time greats.

Are you a Vader fan? Which is your favourite Star Wars movie?

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  1. I think Return of The Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie. I do get a little sad when Vader dies. It was like "NOOOO! He's a good guy now and he and Luke have to have father/son bonding fun times."

    1. That's the advantage of the force though isn't it - glowy parental figures to turn to if necessary ;) I still cry, every time I see him die though.

  2. I love Vader. I remember being super creeped out by him and his loud breathing haha. I'm not sure which movie is my favorite. As a kid, it was Jedi... but that was probably *because* of the Ewoks (they looked like teddy bears!). But now it might be Empire, because, like you say, it's good drama.

    1. I always feel I should like Empire more, because it's the more adult movie, and I do so love the bit on Hoth at the beginning, but there is something about Jedi that gets me :) Of course depending on which way the wind it blowing I could sway in either direction ;)

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