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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Music: Too Pretty not to post - Yohio

Picked this up from reddwarf75 (thank you so much for posting those vids).
This is Yohio - a very pretty jrocker from Sweden. He's through to the final of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest competition.
(Here's one bio for him http://www.jpopasia.com/celebrity/yohio/)

He also has other songs out there (wow does he sound like Gackt some times and can he play the guitar):

Our Story (English)

Sky * Limit (Japanese)
it won't embed so here is the URL http://youtu.be/INKCPOQL98c

And he's part of a band called Seremedy (http://seremedy.com/)
This song is called No Escape and it a little harder than his solo stuff. He's also the backing singer and guitarist not the lead vocal. Warning, the video might be triggery for some; it has blood and suffocation in it.

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