Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Måneskin #WordSearch - Puzzle fun for #WordSearchWednesday #8

Måneskin Word Search

Måneskin - Word Search Fun #8

I am a simple soul and so have decided to share my love for this band and channel it into this week's word search Wednesday. 💖

Måneskin by Vanity Fair Italia

So if you haven't heard of Måneskin, you are probably not Eurovision fans or up with the latest trends on Spotify and Tik Tok. Måneskin is the Italian band that won ESC this year with their rock anthem Zitti E Buoni (Shut Up and Behave). I may, or may not have been listening to their current album Teatro d'Ira Vol 1 on repeat ever since I bought it the week after Eurovision. In their back catalogue they have ballads in Italian, rock in Italian, rock in English and covers too.

One girl, Victoria on bass (and she is badass), and three boys, Damiano on vocals, Thomas on guitar and Ethan on drums - all very talented and they know how to perform. Well worth a listen if you have the chance.

The Puzzle

Måneskin Word Search with blurred word list and the word Preview over the top

Options for Solving

  1. Click the button below and start solving online. If you create a free account with (you only have to pay to create word searches) you can save your progress and come back later.
     Create account - top left of pop-up.
  2. For those who prefer the old school pen and paper, click here to download the PDF so you can print it.


For those who would like to check their answers or who can't find that last word, here is the solution:

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