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Books by Natasha Duncan-Drake

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The Gifted Series

Men in black aren't usually associated with figure skating, but when MiBs try to arrest men's champion Louis Hayes, his ex-rival Rafe Derouet finds out to his cost that telepathic x-files really do exist.
#Gay Romance #Telepathy #SciFi

#1 The Machine: Rise of the Gifted (FREE on Kindle Unlimited) - Amazon Exclusive
#2 Nightmare: Trials of the Gifted Mind (FREE) - review The Machine on Amazon for a free copy.

Amazon - Preview

Soul Reader Series

John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it's what he does and he's good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it's more about blood than sex.
#Gay Romance #Vampire #Paranormal Romance

#1 Forgotten Soul (FREE) - Buying Options other than Amazon
#2 Forbidden Soul (99c) - Buying Options other than Amazon
#3 Fortunate Soul (FREE) - Buying Options other than Amazon

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The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman

Charlie is an ordinary 18 year old whose whole life is turned upside down when he is attacked by a two inch cat figurine. Magic was not in his plans, but he soon learns reality is not quite as straightforward as he thought.
#Fantasy #YA #Shapeshifters #Contemporary Fantasy

#1 Cat's Call (99c) - Buying Options other than Amazon
#2 Cat's Creation - Buying Options other than Amazon
#3 Cat's Confidence - Buying Options other than Amazon

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Dark Reflections Series

Tristan is an actor and he plays a supervillain in the movies. At least he thought he did until an accident at the wrap party for the third film leaves him surrounded by things that seem very real, but should only be make believe.
#Superheroes #Gay Romance #SciFi

#1 Me, Myself and I: Superheroes and Supervillains or Concussion? (FREE) - Buying Options other than Amazon
#2 Dreams and Reality: Superheroes, Sex and Succour - Buying Options other than Amazon

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Vampires: The New Age

When you're a vampire hunter infected with vampirism your life expectancy is short. Nate's a hunter and Lexie's a witch and they have less than six months before Lexie's magic can no longer delay the symptoms and keep them at least partially human.
#Vampire #Dark Fantasy #Contemporary Paranormal

#1 Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy - Buying Options other than Amazon
Prequel #1 The Beginning: Blood and Curses (99c) - Buying Options other than Amazon

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The Haward Mysteries

Remy and Theo Haward weren’t expected to be police officers, they had trained to be Magical Technicians (MTechs), a respectable job for any Natural Magic User. However, after a traumatic attack left Theo fighting for his life, they chose to join the front line of magical law enforcement. Now detectives in the Sorcerous Crimes Taskforce’s, Murder Squad, they form a formidable team investigating deaths that the rest of Britain can’t explain and doesn’t know about.
#Contemporary Fantasy #Murder Mystery #Cosy Mystery

#1 Sacrifice of An Angel - Buying Options other than Amazon
Stockings - Two Christmas Short Stories (FREE) - Buying Options other than Amazon

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The Trade: Seduction of the Vampire

Earth no longer belongs exclusively to humans. Ever since the hoard came demons roam the wreckage of old Earth just as humans do. Karon spans the divide, both human and demon, and, yet, neither at the same time. At the mercy of his vampire heritage he seeks a trade with a powerful demon prince and can only hope that his price will be accepted.
#Gay #Paranormal #Dystopian

The Trade: Seduction of the Vampire - Buying Options other than Amazon

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Chip Off The Old Block?

The Anti-Christ is coming! His name is Owen. Well technically it's Beherit, but that's so last millennium.
#Gay #Humour #Demons

Chip Off the Old Block? (FREE) - Buying Options other than Amazon

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Out of the Frying Pan

Dan works his magic with food as a new up and coming chef, what he does not need is his restaurant being destroyed by an explosion and ending up trapped with the UK's hottest food critic in what's left of his kitchen. When vampirism enters the equation it makes things a whole lot worse.
#Gay Romance #Vampire #Paranormal

Out of the Frying Pan - Buying Options other than Amazon

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Face of the Dead: The Haunting of Miles Jones

Old houses creak and groan and make noises. Miles had expected that when he bought the farmhouse, but the tapping on the windows is a bit of a shock the first night he moves in.
#Gay #Horror #Ghost Story

Face of the Dead - Buying Options other than Amazon

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Three Bullets

Bae is just looking for a job to help him save enough money to go to college. Jim Jones is looking for a house sitter and the pay is good so it's a match made in heaven. Only problem is, the ad never mentioned Steve, Jim's temporarily blind brother, or the lights suddenly going out and all hell breaking lose. Jim and Steve aren't what they pretend to be and Bae is right in the middle.
#Gay #Thriller

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Horror Anthologies

Every Halloween Sophie Duncan and I release a two story anthology for All Hallows Read, which we give away for free for 1 day. If you like a spooky story, these are the books for you.
#Horror #Ghost Story #Demons

When Darkness Beckons (2012) - Buying Options other than Amazon
In the Event of Death (2013) - Buying Options other than Amazon
Parting the Veil (2015) - Buying Options other than Amazon

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