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AtoZ2020 - W is for Wolf - Vampire Drabbles - #AtoZChallenge

Tasha's Thinkings - Vampire Drabbles - AtoZChallenge 2020 - W

AtoZChallenge 2020 - Vampire Drabbles

Greetings and welcome to day 23 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter W. I am writing vampire drabbles this year and vampires have always been associated with wolves, so my inspiration word is wolf. Enjoy.

W is for Wolf

"No," Markus shouted, using his speed to put himself in front of the boy.

Karin laughed and her wolves growled.

"Feeling brave, Marky?" she jeered.

"No more," Markus said. "It ends."

"Even vampires die when torn to shreds, Markus," Karin laughed some more. "You are weak brother."

"The senseless killing stops, Karin," he replied.

She moved her hand and the wolves snarled. Their vampire bloodline always had an affinity with wolves.

"Move, Markus," she warned him.

"No," he replied and reached for the power he had never used.

His body shifted and he howled. The wolves joined him in chorus.
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This year I am also taking part as my alter ego Virginia Waytes - all about the characters and setting for my new paranormal romance podcast and eBooks, Sexy Stories - The Manor. Check out today's post: W is for Werewolves

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  1. It sounds more like part of a story. I want to hear the rest ;-)

    The Old Shelter - Living the Twenties

  2. So Markus was not so weak after all. Nice one.

    W is for ...

  3. A vampire with blood of werewolf? Hmmm, interesting
    W is for Women

  4. I like that special power. Are you sure his name isn't Michael (from Underworld)? Good twist at the end.


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