Saturday 13 October 2018

The Horror of Shakespeare #13 - Some Cupid kills with arrows

A fountain pen with italic writing in the background. Over the top are the words The Horror of Shakespeare and the quote 'Some Cupid Kills with Arrows'

Every day in October I will be posting a horror/paranormal drabble (100 word story) inspired by a Shakespeare Quote. 
Good evening all - I'm a bit late today because I've been proof reading my final draft for one of my new paperbacks, but I got here in the end :). More ghostly goings on today - I hope you enjoy it. 

Some Cupid Kills with Arrows

The Ouija board flipped, throwing the pointer across the room.

"You said you loved me."

Dan twisted as icy breath ghosted over his ear.

"Who's there?"

"Who do you think, Lover?"

"Which one of you did that?" he demanded, looking at his friend.

It was just a stupid game, none of it had been real, but they stared back at him. There was terror in every gaze.

"Come with me, my love," the voice said.

An icy hand seemed to reach into his chest.

"You promised me your heart."

"You're not real," he screamed, even as that hand slowly squeezed.

If anyone would like to join in, please do!


  1. Contempt, farewell, and Dan's pride, adieu!
    No game lives behind the board of fate.
    Taming your beating heart with an icy hand.
    Alas poor Dan. I knew him not.

    1. I am so enjoying your bastardisation of Shakespeare - you have a talent!

    2. Or a wicked approach to digging the Bard in the ribs. [It's fun.]


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