Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Amazon KDP Author Copy Paperbacks & Local Promotion

Amazon KDP Author Copy Paperbacks & Local Promotion

We can all cheer - Amazon KDP is finally doing reasonably priced author copies of paperback books, printed in whichever market place you choose, so postage is also reasonable - yay! They are identical to the product customers get when ordering through Amazon itself.

It's really easy:

  • click on the "..." next to the PAPERBACK ACTIONS 
  • choose "Request Author Copies"
Screen grab of KDP bookshelf

  • Put in the quantity
  • Choose our market place
  • Submit the order and it will take us to our Amazon cart.
Screen grab of Amazon KDP author copies page

If we want to order more than one set of books at a time, we can go back into the bookshelf and do the same again - it will add the order to our cart.

N.B.The postage for 5 books and for 10 books was identical for me, so buying more in one go was more economical. Not sure if/when the postage changes, but we can order up to 999 books at a time, so I assume it eventually does :)

What makes this so exciting is I can finally do some local promotion without having to deal with ridiculously high postage costs and having to set up a completely separate book on CreateSpace.

As of next week (or the week after depending on when the bookmarks I'm having made arrive) Cat's Call is going to be available in The Shop on the Green, one of our village stores. The chap who runs it, Alan, is such a lovely bloke and very community minded. I had no idea how much local produce he has in there - I shall have to keep going back for the local strawberries and beer at the very least. He also had the fab idea of raising some money for charity too, so £1 from each sale is going to go to The Air Ambulance.

Now I just have to design an A3 poster and a little stand to go with the books so people know what's going on :).

I will let you all know how it goes. Alan has said I can do a signing at the shop too, which is kind of daunting, because I've never had paperbacks to do this with before, but very exciting too. Shall have to see if they sell and then decide on a signing.

P.S. Also still seeking guest bloggers to take spots on Writerly Wednesdays - anything to with books, publishing, illustration, editing etc is welcome from authors, artists, editors, bloggers. Details and form are here: Seeking Guest Bloggers

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