Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Joy of Reading a Book #ThinkyThursdays 23

Hello, and welcome to my blog for Thinky Thurday. You know when we've been so wrapped up in doing things that we forget how much we enjoy something else? I've had one of those mornings, so I thought I would share.

The Joy of Reading a Book

I am going to be honest, I have been very bad this morning. If you saw my post yesterday, you know I am about to launch properly into the world of Wattpad. So this morning I was using some of my social media time to poke around.

I made a mistake...

I clicked on a story called The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker. I wanted to see what extras a popular author might have added to their story etc.

You can guess what I did then, can't you ... yep, I decided to take a quick peek at the actual story.

So that was about 4 hours ago and I just came up for air.

The book is superb, BTW, but I suspect you guessed that. It's first person (which I often don't get on with), with a plucky teenage heroine, and she's brilliant. She see ghosts, only it's so much more than that. There's suspense, great characters, a murder mystery and lots of excitement. I heartily recommend it. You can download it for free from Amazon as well and I just bought the second one from there too :) (I'll have to do a proper review).

We all do it, I suppose, get wrapped up in what we're doing that we forget some of the joys of life.

I've been so busy writing and doing all the publishing things that indie writers have to do, that I'd forgotten the simple joy of reading a book. The excitement of joining characters on their journey, of being whisked into their world.

This book reminded me of all that. It sucked me in and didn't let me go.

I will be the first to admit I'm a picky reader. It takes a lot to really drag me into a book. I read whenever I can and I usually like what I read, but books that demand not to be put down are rarer. These are the books that remind me why I have always loved to disappear into the written word.

So I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who writes, be it high literature, genre or fanfiction. We are all different and we all find that magic that makes us keep reading no matter what in different things. To those who craft words, I salute you.


  1. I didn't know there was a second one - I read this some time back (found it in the freebies on Amazon) and loved it too - I'll have to go get #2! That's how I got hooked by JL Bryan's Ellie Jordan series as well, #1 was free and the rest is history - I've just bought #7 and 'followed' JL Bryan on Amazon so I know about any new releases.

    1. There is number 3 and a 4th on the way, I believe :) You probably rec'd #1 to me at some point. Maybe that's why I gravitated to it on Wattpad :)

  2. a lot of my friends are on wattpad. they all had to move from inkpop. so did i.

  3. Oh, I just got to chapter 3 and I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't read this before bedtime,๐Ÿ˜ . Thanks for mentioning this book.

    1. It does have some scary parts :) I'm a bit immune to horror these days so sometimes I forget.


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