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Friday, 20 May 2016

The 10 Best Things About Cheo Yong (KDrama) - #FanFridays 18

As I have mentioned before, I'm somewhat in to Korean dramas. Today I have another one of my favourites for you. I hope you enjoy.

The 10 Best Things About Cheo Yong (KDrama)

Now if you were following my posts during the AtoZChallenge this year, then you know a little about this drama because I mentioned one of the characters as my fictional phantoms.

This is a police procedural with a twist - the lead detective, Cheo Yong, can see ghosts. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it's just a pain in his rear end.

I love this series and I really hope they go for season 3. There are many wonderful things about it, but here are my top 10.
  1. Han Na Young (Jun Hyo-seong) - she is a ghost, but she has more life than a lot of the living characters.
    She died when she was still at school, so is always in uniform and when she discovers she can possess people she loves nothing more than eating.
  2. Cheo Yong (Oh Ji-ho) - he's gorgeous :) and the way his character evolves is brilliant. The first time we see him he is a striving hero, but he falls and becomes disaffected, running from what he can do, until, over the first season he rises back towards what he was.
  3. Effective Female Characters - the ladies in this show are not window dressing, they have a lot to do and pull the hero out of the fire at times.
  4. The Comic Relief - there are always moments of comedy in the episode. There is lots of serious stuff too, but bits will make you laugh to break the tension as well. Some of the characters are there specifically to be comic relief too, but they're also used in the main plot.
  5. The Level Up From S1 to S2 - the first season is set in a normal police department and everything Cheo Yong can do is known only to him and Na Young, but season 2 takes many of the characters and puts them in a special task force where Cheo Yong's abilities are actually employed openly.
  6. High Production Values - you will not be embarrassed watching any of the special effects.
  7. Good plots - the plots are well thought out and well executed. I can't comment on the dialogue because I only see the subs and some of those are entertaining.
  8. The Ghosts - they make the whole show much more interesting and they are all different. More so in the first season.
  9. No Cliffhangers - I hate how US shows always seem to go for the cliffhanger to get themselves renewed and then it's never resolved because they aren't. This show wraps it up every season and still makes me want more.
  10. The adorable WTF expression Cheo Yong seems to have half the time - what? - it is adorable :)
So, there you have it, many reasons to love Cheo Yong, It really is a good show. It is available on DVD, but is ridiculously expensive - it might be on Drama Fever, but that's a US service so I can't be sure. However, search the fansub sites and it will likely pop up :).

Have you seen this series? Did you enjoy it? Have you seen any shows with a similar theme?


  1. I've been trying to find this one. I did see a pretty good Korean ghost series called The Master's Son. The ghost whisperer is a little silly in the first episode or two, but she settles down, and the stories (a new story each episode with one overarching plotline) are interesting. My husband liked Oh My Ghostess, and I have to say I was a little mad at him for watching it without me!

    1. I have The Master's Son in my to-watch list - you're the third person to recommend it - must definitely be worth a look. I want to share Cheo Yong with my husband, but we have so much to watch that I doubt we will get there. We're still trying to make it all the way through Vampire Prosecutor, which I started watching without him and then had to go back and watch again because I knew he'd love it. :)

  2. This is completely new to me but very interesting. I'm sort of obsessed with ghosts anyway so I should pay attention.

    @Kathleen01930 Blog


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