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T - The Torn Prince & Teke Teke - Fictional Phantoms #AtoZChallenge 2016

Welcome to day 20 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter T in my Fictional Phantoms series. Today is not for the faint of heart because I have two rather nasty ghosts for you. Both are less than pretty, if you catch my meaning.

The Torn Prince (Thirteen Ghosts)

Craig Olejnik as The Torn Prince
I rather enjoy a good horror movie and Thirteen Ghosts is definitely that. It's a real spine-tingler. As you can guess there are 13 ghosts in it and I have chosen the one played by one of my favourite actors Craig Olejnik.

In the film ghost hunter Cyrus Kriticos has trapped 12 ghosts in a house built specifically to be a focus of supernatural power. The only way to see them in the house is to use special glasses.

These ghosts make up the "Black Zodiac" and the one I am going to talk about is called The Torn Prince.

In life The Torn Prince was Royce Clayton, a 1950s baseball star for his high school. He was arrogant and had a very bad attitude. His superiority complex led him to drag racing, which also killed him. A good percentage of his body is torn to shreds from being dragged under his car and he carries a baseball bat to use as a weapon on the living.

He is a very unhappy ghost who still thinks he's superior.

Teke Teke (Teke Teke 1 & 2)

My second ghost today is Japanese and she is an urban legend: Teke Teke.

There are variations of the legend and today I am going to recount the fictional version in the 2009 film Teke Teke and its sequel Teke Teke 2.

Teke Teke is the ghost of a woman who committed suicide on the railway tracks after being raped. She is horrific to see because the train cut her body in half and it is only the top half that haunts the overpass over the tracks.

She walks on her hands, her long nails making the Teke Teke sound on the concrete as she moves.

If those who hear the sound look back and see her they are doomed for she is a vengeful spirit.

She can move very fast and has supernatural speed and strength and if she catches her target she cuts them in half. If her prey gets away they are still doomed because she will find them after three days and kill them.

Could you resist the urge to look back if you heard the Teke Teke sound?

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  1. IIIIIICK! That first image of your ghosty is groooooooooossssssssss. LOL

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  2. You weren't kidding when you said that they were nasty! I think that I would have trouble not looking behind me. Even the thought of that sound is giving me chills!

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)

  3. I LOVED Thirteen Ghosts, even though bits of it were a little silly. ^_^ Teke Teke...oh my husband found a copy of that a while back and it MIGHT have been quite spooky, but the copy he'd found had screwed up subtitles that must have been translated by someone on drugs because they were complete nonsense. Sometimes the words didn't even create real sentences. It was so ridiculous that we couldn't help but pretty much just laugh the whole time. XD

  4. I think I could resist the urge; I think I would be running too fast the other way to get away from her!


  5. Japanese ghosts have a tendency to be really fraightening and unforgiving... or is it just my impression?

    The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz

  6. I would look back but then I would literally POOP my pants (and not in the way my letter T went today).

    That sounds horrific...

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  7. No one does creepy ghosts quite like the Japanese. I wonder how that trait develops in a culture...

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  8. I have to agree with TarkabaraHolgy. How is it that the Japanese create the grimmest and scariest ghosts? As to looking back, probably just before the heart attack!

  9. Okay, definitely not my favorite because they are the most scary! Horribly so, and I agree with Lee, heart attack waiting to happen! okay off to look for butterflies and kittens to wipe my mind of this! :)

  10. I also agree about the Japanese. There is a dark underside to that culture that has always put me off.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  11. Man, Asian ghosts are the worst. No matter what you do they never stop coming for you.

  12. These days I never watch horror. I've become a real scardy cat as I've gotten older. Looking at these pics makes me remember why *hides behind sofa*
    Writing Women’s Fiction

  13. And just think, the teke reek sound is her using the blades she cuts you with to pull herself. Like nails on a chalkboard.

    I almost did this one. But decided against it.

  14. I think these two are your nastiest yet. Torn to shreds or cut in half. Hard to choose...

  15. Scary and creepy. The baseball bat would be deadly but I'd rather be killed by it than the half-lady ghost.

    Susan Says

  16. These characters are new to me.

  17. I remember 13 ghosts--it was terrifying. And the Teke-Teke sounds scary too. Now I want to see a good horror movie.

  18. Gotta love the no-win option with most of these Japanese ghosts. They do make for some of the most horrifying films.

    The Immarcescible Word



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