Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cover Reveal - Sacrifice of An Angel (Cozy Mystery)

Welcome to the cover reveal for the re-release of 
Sacrifice of An Angel (The Haward Mysteries #1).

Sacrifice of An Angel, new cover 2016
Sacrifice of An Angel was one of the first books Soph and I published back in 2011. We have learned a great deal since then, and we decided this murder mystery entwined with magic deserved some more love.

Hence, in January 2016Sacrifice of An Angel is getting a relaunch, which includes a re-edit and this much more striking new cover.

Inspired by both the Golden Age of Detective Fiction and our love of contemporary fantasy, Soph and I like to think of the background to The Haward Mysteries Series as Midsomer Murders meets Harry Potter, which, basically, puts it plum in the middle of the cozy mysteries genre, something we had never heard of when the book was first published, but now we feel this series has found its true home :).

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