Friday, 20 November 2015

Wonder Woman - Princess of the Red, White and Blue Bathing Suit - #FanFridays 11

Are you old enough to remember the excitement of sitting down early Saturday evening every weekend to watch your favourite shows? Before VCRs, streaming and catch up TV we were glued to the TV for every second during the 70s. For Fan  Fridays 11 I have chosen one of my favs from that time: Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman
Princess of the Red, White and Blue Bathing Suit

Saturday early evenings were a very special time for me as a child - they meant the best TV shows were on. I didn't own a VCR until I was 18 so the only way to to make sure to see anything before that was to catch it when it was on (how did we live without catch up TV, how?). Saturday TV was almost a religious experience ;).

Wonder Woman, with the wonderful Lynda Carter, was one of those shows. It originally ran from 75 - 79 and has two phases, the first season set in the 1940s and seasons 2 and 3 set in the present day, as was.

I think my twin and I were too young to remember the 40s season, because it was ages before I realised there were two version of Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. I remember the computers and 70s hips clothes version.

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Who remembers IRAC (Information Retrieval Associative Computer)? I used to think he was amazing with his voice and all his flashing lights. Have to say he's not so impressive these days, but the nostalgia is there.

Having a TV show in the 70s where a woman was the hero was amazing. How Steve got into so much trouble every week so Diana had to do her swirl and go rescue him is anybody's guess. I'm pretty sure I can blame my love of tying up the good guy in ropes and chains for him to be rescued totally comes from Wonder Woman, or one better, knocking him out and then tying him up. Seven year old me really fancied Steve :).

So those of you who were around in the 70s or saw the show in reruns when you were younger: hands up who would do the Wonder Woman twirl on the playground. Anyone ever manage to get their hair to fly loose of it's confines with the dramatic flare Diana Prince managed every week?

That, of course, was the best bit of every episode, when Diana would run out of options and, purse or glasses in one hand, there would be the music, she would spin, there would be that flash of light with that great noise and there would be Wonder Woman. It was awesome.

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Not once as a child did I question the fact that putting her hair up and sometimes wearing glasses stopped Steve from recognising her. For a spy he really was unobservant!

Wonder Woman is supposed to be everything good. She's wholesome, she cares about everyone and she can put any evil man in his place. The way she was so disappointed with any evil woman she came across was also brilliant. It was as if she thought they had let down their entire gender.

I have to wonder how she would deal with CCTV these days ;)

Thank you for joining me on this trip down memory lane. If you want to see Wonder Woman as she was in the 70s there are box sets of the DVDs available Amazon UK, Amazon US as well as being availbale on Amazon video.

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  1. I loved watching Wonder Woman. Like you, I was way too young for the first season. I'm really looking forward to seeing her in Superman v Batman next year!

    1. I wish I got on with the current Superman or Batman movies, but they really do nothing for me (which considering how much I am into Avengers is odd), hence I really want to see Wonder Woman, but I'm not sure I can sit through all the rest :S

    2. I think - like the Avengers - the films can stand alone. You could just watch the next one to see the character being established, because I think she's getting her own film in 2017/18.

    3. Then I shall just keep my fingers crossed they don't mangle her as much as I feel they've mangled Superman ;) Yay for female superheroes :D


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