Monday, 23 November 2015

Godzilla - Giant Lizard with a Heart of Gold?! - #MonsterMondays 26

Do you love a good rampaging monster? I know I do and before Pacific Rim (which is awesome because Idris Elba and giant monsters so double win) there was Godzilla! Welcome to Monster Mondays #26.

Giant Lizard with a Heart of Gold?!

Starting off as a giant lizard from the deep, a force of destruction and a metaphor for nuclear weapons, Godzilla has evolved in many directions. Originally he was the big bag, the ultimate, amphibious monster that looked partially like a dinosaur. With his ear piercing roar and his "atomic breath" he was the monster to destroy them all.

Then in some instances he changed, he became the good guy, fighting against the other monsters as the hero.

Who was around in the late 70s early 80s when Hanna-Barbera got their hands on Godzilla the first time? We in the UK were treated to him on late afternoon TV after school and this is the incarnation of Godzilla who will always have my heart.

I'm willing to bet, that if you have seen this cartoon, even if you don't remember the beginning of the titles, you can all hear in your heads the exact tone of this part:

"...and Godzooky"

Godzooky is Godzilla's much smaller, much more cowardly cousin in this show and I remember him being adorably cute. Of course I haven't seen it since I was under the age of 10 :). This Godzilla can breathe fire, rather then having somewhat sinister atomic breath, and Godzooky usually only ever managed smoke rings :).

Just in case you're wondering if you're hearing it right, here are the whole titles from  a kind soul on Youtube.

You can actually buy the series on DVD (region 1 only) from Amazon, if you are desperate to see it again after the reminder, terrible animation and all :).

I did really enjoy the last incarnation of Godzilla as well from the 2014 movie. Again Godzilla is the hero monster, rather than the all out baddy. There is still much destruction, but all in the name of saving humanity rather than destroying it.

So, which is your favourite incarnation of Godzilla: Japanese original, Matthew Broderick 1998 version, 2014 version, the 1970s cartoon (like me), the 1990s cartoon remake?


  1. I had no idea there was a Godzilla cartoon. That is awesome. I love that idea.
    I've enjoyed most of the Godzilla movies I've seen. The latest one was fun and I swear Godzilla had this look on his face that said "Bitch please, I'm Godzilla!"

    1. Godzilla is one of those childhood memories that is slightly dim, but I never forget - I even remembered the theme music :) Someone uploaded a couple of eps to Youtube, I'm not sure if I want to check them out or not - sometimes these things are better left in the memory ;)

      LOL - "Bitch please, I'm Godzilla!" - love it :)

  2. Everything about 'Pacific Rim' is great, but I will always have a place in my heart for the 1998 film. I saw it in the theater with my friends. Of course, the original is still brilliant.

    1. I only saw the original Godzilla film very recently and it was very much not what I thought it was going to be. Good film. I wasn't a huge fan of the 1998 movie, but I can totally see why people would be. Not sure why the 2014 grabbed me, but the 1998 one didn't - maybe it was just a matter of when I saw them :)


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