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Frankenstein and his Monster - The Classic - #MonsterMondays 22

Welcome to this week's Monster Monday - for the run up to Halloween I am doing classic monsters and today I have chosen the classicest (yes, that is a word - well it is now ;)) monsters of them all: Frankenstein and his monster.
Monster Mondays posts may be fiction, film reviews, book reviews or me waxing lyrical about a particular monster. Monsters can be paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy or even simply human. So basically, anything monster goes. I also invite anyone who would like to, to join in with their own post. (See end for details).
Frankenstein and his Monster - The Classic

The most classic of all monsters has to be Frankenstein's hideous creature, since he is even called a monster in most modern references. Of course the ironic thing about the creature is, he isn't really the greatest monster, Frankenstein is for rejecting his creation in the first place. Imagine how differently the story might have turned out had creator taken time to help and nurture his creation.

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Frankenstein (or The Modern Prometheus) was written by Marry Wollstonecraft Shelly and published in 1818. The first edition is actually anonymous and her name only appears on the second and subsequent editions. It is definitely gothic horror, but it is also considered one of the earliest examples of the science fiction novel.

The novel is about the young Victor Von Frankenstein, who, following the death of his mother, develops a technique to impart life to non-living matter. He builds his creature from various parts of cadavers and then brings it to life using his technique. Unfortunately he finds his own creation hideous and runs away, only to be pursued by the creature. Alone and causing terror wherever he is seen the creature becomes murderous, killing in revenge and then demanding his creator make him a mate so he will stop. Of course everything ends in tragedy.

Here is where I have to admit I've never read the book and, of the film adaptations, I only actually really enjoy two of them. I know, this is sacrilege for a horror and sci-fi fan, but I'm just not overly grabbed by the whole story. I prefer my horror more supernatural.

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However, the 1931 black and white film Frankenstein with Boris Karloff is a true classic and always makes me cry. I feel so sorry for the creature and, frankly, in that version I have no sympathy for Frankenstein at all.

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The other film I really enjoy is not actually a version of Frankenstein, but more of a sequel, that brings in the supernatural element I love. This is I Frankenstein, where, after his creator dies, the creature is attacked by demons while burying him. He is then rescued by gargoyles and learns about the age old battle between the gargoyles and demons for the fate of humanity. 200 years later and Adam, as he is now called, finds out the leader of the demons plans to use Frankenstein's techniques to create an army of soulless monsters to be possessed by demons and give them reign over the earth.

Parts of it don't really make sense and it's more than a little predictable, but I found it really entertaining. Well worth a watch.

Frankenstein is undoubtedly a classic and deserves is place as such. It weaves gothic horror with science fiction and should be praised for that alone. Thanks to the 1931 film the image of the creature is iconic and appears in cartoons, films, television, toys and even cereal boxes. Frankenstein's monster is the monster at the top of the list when most people think the word "monster" and he deserves his place.

Which is your favourite incarnation of Frankenstein and his monster, the book, the 1931 film, Hotel Transylvania, The Monster Squad etc ?

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  1. A couple months ago I watched I, Frankenstein. It was...okay. Glad I didn't see it in the theater, but entertaining enough. I would love to see the classic Black and White movie. Maybe Netflix will get it one day.

    1. I'm glad I didn't see it at the cinema too :) ... but I did enjoy it when it came on Sky movie channels. I can't remember when I last saw the B&W movie - it was an age ago, so I assume I just caught it on telly.

  2. I like the 1931 B&W film with Boris Karloff and for me, Boris Karloff's creature is a great benchmark for all others.

    The version that made the strongest impression was "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" made in 1994. It was Robert de Niro's portrayal of The Creation that I most remember - in fact I remembered that moving performance and had to research the title. It's also the most faithful adaptation of the original novel. Great cast too, which includes Kenneth Branagh as Victor Frankenstein.

    But if I choose choose another favorite, it would be Young Frankenstein for itsfun story and the scenes with the creature, especially the dance scene with Gene Wilder.

    1. I have seen Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, but I didn't get on with it - for some reason it left me cold. No idea why because, as you say, great cast and it was beautifully filmed I seem to remember. It's been a while, maybe I should watch it again...

      I have to admit that Young Frankenstein does not float my boat - I find Mel Brooks movies either a complete hit or a complete miss with me and this one missed. It makes me cringe too much :) My hubby and I tried to watch it a little while ago on the movie channels and had to give up, but I know a lot of people rate it highly. My fav Mel Brooks movie is Men in Tights - love it :)


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