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Monday, 21 September 2015

Carry On Screaming - Monsters for Everyone #MonsterMondays 19

So today I've gone for some fun monsters from the Carry On crew. This is one of my favourite Carry On films of all time.
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Carry On Screaming
Monsters for Everyone

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So the Carry On films have some rather interesting issues to modern eyes, but I still love them. Carry On Screaming (1966) is one of the best in my humble opinion, even though it is missing Clive James and some of the other most popular actors from the series. It has such a great plot and wonderful monsters.

In Edwardian England, the sinister Dr Watt (Kenneth Williams) is funding his and his sister Valeria's (Fenella Fielding) lifestyle by kidnapping young women and turning them into tailor shop window dummies using his vitrification techniques. Only when he picks the wrong young woman, fiancée of Albert Potter (Jim Dale), does his dastardly scheme come to light as Potter brings in the police.

Of course this is a Carry On film, so all the nastiness is totally undo-able and there is a happy ending even though the police are completely incompetent most of the time and everything is in the aim of a good laugh.

I'm not sure when I first saw this film, but it definitely made an impression. The whole regeneration of Oddbod's (Tom Clegg) finger using electricity really stuck with me throughout my childhood. It probably explains some of the stranger levels of my imagination :).

There is a monster for everyone in Carry on Screaming:
  • Dr Watt - has been dead for 50 years and it woken up using electricity every day by his sister.
  • Valeria Watt - I've never been sure what kind of monster Valeria is supposed to be, could be witch, could be vampire, all I know is she is sexy as hell and has the most wonderful red dress.
  • Oddbod and Oddbod Junior - a cross between Frankenstein's monsters and werewolves
  • Both Albert Potter and Detective Sergeant Bung (Harry H. Corbett) have a round as their version of Mr Hyde
  • We even have the Mummy in the form of Rubbatiti
Wittegen Press
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As ever, when the Carry On team go for a genre, they go for the whole thing. :)

If you love classic monster movies you have to see Carry On Screaming at least once because it is a very funny homage. Admittedly Harry H. Corbett is very, very annoying as far as I am concerned, but it's a Carry On, he's supposed to be in this ;). This film is silly from beginning to end and I love it.

Are you a Carry On fan? Which is your favourite Carry On film? Which is your favourite classic monster?

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  1. I am a closet Carry On fan (in small doses), but yeah, although unusual in cast make off, this one is a brilliant rip off of all the period Hammer Horror movies of the time. They probably used the same costumes and sets! ;P

  2. One of my favourite Carry On films, and as Sophie says a brilliant rip off of Hammer movies. Junior has to be the best monster ever, for not quite passing the grade. And I always like Bernard Bresslaw however camp he gets.

    1. Bernard Bresslaw is one of the joys of Carry On and Krull and Hawk the Slayer :).


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