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Monster Mondays #6: The Lair (Gay Vampires FTW!)

Good morning (or afternoon or evening :)) I hope this Monday finds you all well. Today I am dipping into one of my favourite things for my monster: the vampire genre, and I have a recommendation for you.
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The Lair

Now, let me start off by saying this is not for anyone under 18 and it is not Shakespeare. It is, however, highly entertaining, well, at least I think it is.

This is the kind of show where one of the characters can say:
"A gay vampire sex club after sunrise is the loneliest place on earth."
with a perfectly straight face :).

That's what the Lair is, in case you were wondering, a gay vampire sex club on a place called The Island and this show does not hold back from the sex. It kind of reminds me of Tumblr like that: content, content, content, gay sex, content, content ... :). This show is full of lots of very nice to look at semi-naked (and in some cases naked, although artfully posed) hot men, very often together.

That aside, I do actually watch it for the plot and the characters, no I'm not kidding. I am very sad there are only 3 seasons because they left it on a cliff hanger and I want more of the epic romance between Damian and Thom. However, I am getting ahead of myself, let me introduce you to the protagonists:

Damian Courtenay
Damian Courtenay
This is Damian (Peter Stickles), head vampire and owner of The Lair. He used magic to form his coven of vampires that he refers to as The Family and he's cursed. He has a painting that holds his lifeforce and if it is damaged so is he and if he goes so do all the other vampires.

He was cursed by the vampire who created him and the painter of the painting, Richard DeVere, when he killed Richard out of fear and confusion after he realised what Richard had done to him. He is drawn to Thom because Thom looks exactly like Richard.
Thom Etherton
Thom Etherton and Jonathan
Here we have Thom Etherton (the hero played by David Moretti) and his boyfriend Jonathan. Thom is an investigative reporter for the Island newspaper and he get involved with vampires because he is looking into the John Doe murders occurring locally.

The moment Damian claps eyes on him, Damian is obsessed and Jonathan ends up in the middle of things and is bitten by one of Damian's "family" and used as bait to get to Thom.
Colin and victim
Finally we have Colin (Dylan Vox) (which I am assured to an American is a sexy name, but made me laugh out loud - the only person who can make Colin sound sexy is Colin Firth ;)), Damian's lieutenant.

Colin uses Damian's distraction with Thom to plot Damian's downfall so he can take over. He, of course, can't kill Damian, so he has to be creative.

Colin is the real baddie of the show.
Now there are plenty of other characters as well like Laura (Beverly Lynne) and Frankie (Brian Nolan) and Sheriff Trout (Colton Ford), but I could be here all day introducing them. They actually come together to make a plot that does hang together. In season 1 it's thinner than in season 2 and 3 and I think they missed a trick with the plot in season 2, but I was actually impressed by the plot of season 3. That's why I really want more because I think the show improved with every season.

There are other monsters too, a werewolf, an evil plant and even a male gorgon (I kid you not), so the show has variety. It manages to centre round a gay, vampire sex club without getting stuck in it.

It's not high budget (I think they made the first season in something like 12 days), in places it's like the lead up to gay porn, there is some terrible acting (and some great acting too) and I just love it to pieces. I've even written fanfic for it: Second Time Around which is an AU from the end of season 1 because I wrote it before I could lay my hands on season 2. All 3 seasons are available on DVD, including all in one boxset it you want (Amazon UK | Amazon US) - I believe it's also on Amazon Instant Video in the US. Go forth and enjoy the gay naked vampires! :)

Have you seen The Lair? What did you think? Would you ever consider watching it?

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  1. I have.... never heard of this show. Ten years ago, I would have been super into it! But, I think my tastes have changed a bit... still, nice to see something like this actually got made!

    1. I think it only runs on Here TV channel so it didn't have huge distribution, although I was pleased to see it on Amazon Instant Video in the US. I imagine it would scandalise many, many people event though the guys are only doing what het couples do on TV all the time.

  2. I have never seen The Lair, because I don't think I can put up with the bad acting, but if it grows a plot, then possibly worth a look :) I certainly have no objection to gay vampires!

    1. I'd say skip straight to season 3, but then you'll have no idea what is going on ;).

  3. This is a new show to me. I'd watch it though. Sounds interesting.

  4. My brother used to call me "gorgon" when we were kids... :P

    I haven't heard of this show. I'm not sure if I could watch it because the bad acting would probably make me laugh and snicker all the way through. I wouldn't mind watching parts of it though, you know, for science... ;)

    1. Didn't managed to turn him to stone though? ;)

      Oh, I don't think laughing and snickering would do it much harm ;)

      For science!!!


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