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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Things Our Parents Told Us

So I was listening to the radio this morning as I considered getting out of bed (it's a radio alarm) and they were doing a segment on things parents told them as children. For example there was one guy whose dad told him that chilli con carne came from monsters that were hunted in the Scottish Highlands and when they were cut open chilli con carne came out.

This got me thinking. My dad tried this kind of thing with my sister and I and it only ever worked once :D.

We only ever had Coke if my dad had been to the pub (very rare) and brought us back a bottle or at birthday parties. It wasn't something that was never in the house otherwise. I can't remember if we had been asking for it or if my dear Papa just took on himself to be evil, but Soph and I must have been 5 or 6 when he tried to get one over on us.

His gambit was Coke is made from cold tea.

I know, not the world's greatest fib, but we were young and coke was a treat and this was like saying if you buried your sweets they would grow into a sweet tree (yes I tried that too, but I came up with that all by myself, I didn't need my father to try and convince me of that one) because there was always cold tea around in the bottom of the pot (no tea bags for us at that age - always loose leaf tea in a pot).

He had us so convinced that I remember actually trying some and I have to say, to a child, cold tea is utterly disgusting.

That was the first and last time we ever believed him at face value on something like that!

So, did you parents tell you things that you completely believed and then found out were heinous fibs? :)


  1. My mother used to make delicious homemade noodles for winter soups. She'd mix them up, roll them out and slice the rolls into thin strips. Then she'd spread the noodles out on the kitchen table on butcher paper to dry before adding to the soup. I developed a love of those uncooked drying noodles and would sneak one or two every time I'd pass by. In desperation, I'm sure, mom told me not to eat too many, because uncooked noodles were undigestible and they would accumulate in my tummy making me look fatter and fatter as time went by. It didn't stop me from sneaking a noodle or two, but it did slow me down a bit.

    1. My mother also made noodles like that! Super yummy. Me helping her make them is one of my favorite childhood memories. :)

    2. Mothers can be sneaky like that :D At least she didn't tell you they turn into worms ;)

  2. I don't remember such fibs from my childhood, but my husband was a fussy eater, and his mother made up creative names for dishes she cooked. Burgers made from canned salmon were christened "puff burgers," a name he liked...from then on he ate them without complaint.

  3. Haha! That's funny about the tea. :D Other than Santa Claus, and having my nose "stolen", I don't think my parents ever told me any fibs. My older brother, however, did. A lot. Usually it was a ruse to get me to eat something disgusting, like Play Doh or dog food. And it worked, I'm sad to say. ;)

    1. I am very glad I never had an older brother ;) Being a twin, we were more likely to gang up one someone else than each other.


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