Thursday 26 June 2014

Fi-Fi's new collar :)

Doesn't Fi look smart in her new purple and silver sparkly collar? We thought it looks nice and it has a bell so will give Amber more of a heads up that she's around when they are back in the same part of the house :). As you can see Fi also likes playing with the part of the toy the human is supposed to hold ::g::.
Is this my good side?

I shall subdue it carefully.

Now it is mine!

I will turn over and show it who's boss!

Maybe this end is easier...
We still have the kitty gates up and everything seems to be going well. Both cats are very relaxed.

We've just had the fence redone in the garden, so they were not pleased for a while that they couldn't go out. I think it may have been cursed. Monday they were supposed to arrive, but one of the guys had to go to hospital. Tuesday they did turn up and then one of the chaps injured himself and had to go to A&E to have it fixed. Finally on Tuesday afternoon the work was started.

It now looks very lovely and the kitties are glad to be back in the garden.

I have now started the process of moving their food bowls closer to the divider between the parts of the house so they start to associate the smell of each other with good things.


  1. Fi is so pretty! I love her markings.

  2. She looks like a tigress :) smart cat!


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