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Sunday, 4 May 2014

New Piccies of Amber and Afia

Well all is going well so far. Afia spent yesterday evening hiding under things, but then explored most of the house in the early hours and is now happily sitting on top of the kitchen units :). We've given her a bed up there until we have the large cat tree delivered so she has somewhere proper to sleep. She likes high up.

They are currently ignoring each other mostly - well Afia is ignoring Amber, Amber just hasn't looked up yet and can't figure out where the other cat has gone ::g::. Amber knows she's here somewhere, but doesn't seem overly bothered that she can't figure out where.

They also chose to eat each other's food this morning :)

On to the piccies!

Going to sleep on the unit

That Amber is loud isn't she!

Been up all night exploring, shall sleep now.

This bed, it is good.

Making sure I still belong to her

Paying close attention :D

Love me please!

What do you think you're doing?


  1. Hi Tasha - I owe you lots of comments .. but I see you have other pretty things on your mind! I'd wanted to find some info - got that .. just the other bit I need to remember .. but I'll be across?!

    Gosh they are very pretty ... I love the spotted ones - they seem to have that special love about them .. there's another blogger who has three spotted ones too - I'll try and give you her link.

    Anyway congratulations on finishing the A-Z .. I'll be across ... happy bank holiday .. cheers Hilary

  2. Your cats are gorgeous! Several months ago I adopted four kittens. They were strays but their mom let them when they were two months old so I took them in. I have a ton cute and silly of pictures of them. Sometime I should post a blog to share them.

    I love that you put a bed on top of the unit. :)

  3. I wish we could have a cat but mom is allergic. Your babies are so beautiful! Love the spots!

  4. LOL they are too cute. I'm totally smitten with Amber. So darling.

  5. Has she come down yet? I'm invading your house today to meet Afia :)


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