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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cats are such regal animals ;)

I so post things other than pictures of my cats, I promise, it's just with a new kitty in the house the camera is out a lot at the moment :)

Fi-fi loves having her tummy tickled :) There would have been more piccies, but Rob's camera ran out of charge.

Of course Amber would never stoop so low (or at least not when there is a camera around :)). She is always a princess!


  1. Awwww, so cute. I like starting my day with a dose of squee.

  2. Aww such pretty cats. I've just got the one, Misty, and I love her to bits. My sister's getting a pair of kittens in a couple of weeks, so I can't wait for that.

  3. I love cats! They all do have their own personalities. My four adopted cats certainly do. :)

  4. You make me miss my kitties! I haven't had pets since I had kids. Yeah--the whole littler box and babies thing...but I probably can't own cats in Florida. I've got too many allergies to the outdoors and they'd bring those allergens in. *sigh*

  5. They're so cute! But then I am biased when it comes to cats! ;)

  6. Cute and cuddly. Cats can be so adorable, but a little on the spoiled side. They love being pampered, and we enjoy doing their bidding. Michelle @ http://www.writer-way.blogspot.com


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