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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 7: Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day! (requested by moonlettuce)

moonlettuce Apparently, the 12th is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Run with this :D

I have absolutely no idea about what this day actually means, so I'm just going to run with fabulously hot men in a slightly dishevelled state because I want to :). All the images come straight from Google.

Gonna start with my favourite :)

Tom Hiddleston (come on who is surprised by this one?)
Prince Hal
Henry V

James McAvoy
 Wesley (again)
Max Lewinsky
Jeremy Renner
 Aaron Cross
 Hansel (again)
Chris Hemsworth
 The Huntsman
 Thor (it's a battle it counts!)
Thor (again)
Tyler Hoechlin
 Derek (again)
 Still Derek
Derek (did you spot the theme? ;) )
Dylan O'Brien
 Maze Runner
Random (because I can :))
 Dean Winchester
 James Bond
 David (Lost Boys)
 Michael (Lost Boys)
 Michael (underworld)
Dar (Beast Master)
Wallace (Little Favour)
 Charley (Fright Night 2)
 Hanibal King (Blade Trinity)
Henry (Blood Ties)

I could go on, but, for now, that's your lot :). I hope you have enjoyed my offerings.


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  2. What a fabulous gallery of wild men! Honestly, shirtless Hansel was the ONLY good thing about 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.'


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