Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rambo - Film Series

So I have finally seen all three of the Rambo movies and they were not what I was expecting (well not all of them).  My apologies there are actually four Rambo movies, apparently, I had totally missed the 2008 one, I'm talking about the original 80s movies. Edited appropriately.

First Blood (the one I always thought was called Rambo) is a deep, thought provoking, harsh movie that I was shocked I enjoyed. Having mostly only seen stuff about the later movies it was definitely nothing like I was expecting. It's violent, but, wow, does it have heart. Very much not the action type movie I thought it was having seen the hype about the other two.

Rambo II - now this is mostly a kick arse action movie with some terrible 80s stereotypes. It was actually entertaining, but some of it made me cringe so hard :). I was ticking off clichés as I watched ::g::.

Rambo III - was mostly WTF! Hot Shots Part Deux suddenly makes so much sense. It was like a bad 80s TV show with a bigger budget. I had to forward wind through the temple scene because it was just so, so, so cringe worthy. I must admit, it was fun to see the good guy stick it to the bad guy (isn't it amazing what a difference the ending of the cold war made on film making), but I was laughing at things I'm pretty sure were supposed to be deadly serious. The best thing about the movie was Rambo suddenly seemed to have gained a sense of humour (must have been the monks).

I doubt I will even seek out those movies to watch again, but I feel I have gained knowledge that is important :).

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