Thursday, 29 August 2013

Drabble Cascade #25 - More Than Eternity (PG, fantasy)

This week on the Drabble Cascade, to celebrate 25 weeks, we are having a competition. If you enter the cascade you can win an Amazon voucher for your Amazon of choice. Click on this link to see all the details. It's very easy, all you have to do is write a drabble or a flash fic. Our prompt word of the week is 'time'.

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More Than Eternity
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

There were rules. Rahl didn't care about them anymore.

He was immortal, outside time, but it meant nothing now. To touch another heart, to have his heart touched in return; that was all that mattered.

"You would give up eternity?" his mother asked.

She was the mother to all immortals and her face was kind, but her heart was as cold as his had been.

"For a few short years to love, yes," he replied.

He was surprised when she smiled.

"I have waited so long to hear that from a child of mine," she replied. "Be happy, My Son."


  1. So Mom's heart is not as cold as he thought it and I notice that it's 'for a few short years' to love, which could mean that he'll age but still have eternity after his love is dead.

    There's been fictions that explore what it is to exist for eternity, to love and lose again and again if the loves are mortal and if the lovers are immortal then boredom sets in which leads to depravities and callousness, essentially a becoming a monster or a god of both.

  2. Hi Tasha .. I think drabbles are rather good cues ... but time is not on my side either .. though I loved your thoughts about mother eternal ...

    Time ticks on ... cheers Hilary


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