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Saturday, 20 April 2013

R is for Romance - Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

You may think I've talked about Romance before, after all I did have the post L is for Love, and I have the post S is for Sex coming up tomorrow. However, I think these are three entirely separate topics.

You can have love that is entirely unromantic and is platonic, and you can have sex that has nothing to do with love or romance.

Romance is a topic all of it's own and it is one of my favourite things. Romance is about love, but it's the caring, cute and sometimes passionate side of it. Romance is about relationships. Romance is about gestures and kindness and doing things because you want to make your partner smile or, yes, sometimes, take you to bed and ravish you.

I love romance.

I count myself as blessed that my husband is a born romantic. He buys me roses on our anniversary,  he buys me choccies, he always compliments me and I try to do the same back. Sometimes its small things like a cup of tea placed on my desk, sometimes its a slap up meal out, but I always find it romantic.

Romance literature has seen an up in popularity lately thanks to the eReader format. I've heard it said that more men are now reading romance because they can read it unseen. They can let out their inner romantic without being ridiculed for what has always been seen as the domain of women. I do hope that sooner, rather than later, more men can admit to reading romance without being ridiculed at all.

Gay romance is a blooming market as well, which can only be good.

When I write, I usually try to add some love in, maybe even a little romance, because that is what I love. It is often relationships that make a story for me, reading and writing. I like romantic movies as well, although I am something of a sci-fi/fantasy/horror nerd when it comes to films, so my rom com quota isn't as large as it could be. Y'know what would be perfect? A sci-fi rom com! Okay, so maybe not. ;)

Romance is wonderful and romance should be respected in all its forms because it makes the world a happier place. Now if people would stop mixing up stalking with romance we'd be good.

Soph and I have an anthology out called Romantics full of short stories with plenty of romance, but please be aware it also has erotica. The link will take you to a full listing of the book on our website Wittegen Press and give you a run down on the stories in the book if you are interested.
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  1. Great post on romance, it's wonderful to have romance in your life, a super read.


    1. Thank you :). I have always been a romantic and I think it's one of the blessings of the human race.

  2. I love romance, too. All the kinds of romance.

  3. I love romance as well, but I love the stories where the characters just get around to it after a slightly meandering road. I'm not a big "insta-love" fan.

    1. I'm a sucker for love at first sight as well as slow build up romance. Of course if it's love at first sight, I like to know the reasons too :).


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