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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #3 - From the Pit (PG)

This week our prompt work for the Drabble Cascade is stone. It's actually one of my prompt words, thank you random number generator. In case you were wondering, that's how we're choosing the words. People have suggested them and we have them in a long list and use a random number generator to choose which one for which week.

From the Pit
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Cold, dead stone surrounded him; his prison. They had thrown him down here calling him witch, sorcerer, demon.

He had never hurt them. Always tried to help and yet now they beat him and imprisoned him.

That he could have forgiven, but he had been in communion with her, touching her spirit. They had ripped him from that and then they had hurt her. He could not let that pass.

Falling down into the power that lived, inside he called to his lover, to nature, offering his magic, and she answered. Stone crumbled under roots and vines. They would pay.

Everyone is welcome to join the cascade. Full instructions are available here at this weeks intro post.


  1. An Earth Mage *nods head* EPA has teeth now then.

    um... Help?

    Tossing it out there (PG m/m)

  2. Yes! Love the idea of nature fighting back. :)

  3. Yes! Love the idea of nature fighting back. :)


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