Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Doing Nano has become rather a tradition for me. I used it to make myself finish my first Chronicles of Charlie Waterman novel, then last year I used it to finish the second one and so this year I am using it to finish the third one.

I'm aiming for 70k or there abouts, because that's the length these books seem to end up and they are a nice reading length. However, the difference this year is I didn't have the first 20K written. This year is total seat of the pants writing. I had a basic idea and the rest is all just happening.

Never fear, this is how I usually write. I am not an ordered writer at all. Sometimes I write down important points so I remember to put them in, but the way I write is very organic. At the moment I am in the throw it at the page stage. In other words I'm skipping from scene to scene just writing what comes into my head. I'm creating people and places on the fly with random scenes form the very first one to the very last without filling in everything in between.

The plot is still developing in my head and so far I have all the good guys mapped out and know exactly what they're doing. I know exactly what the bad guys are doing, but I have no idea who he/she/they/it are yet.

I think I am almost at the refinement stage where I will go back and start filling in important things like places and more about the characters to give them depth, but I'm not quite there. Maybe another couple of days of random writing before I get down to the details.


  1. I write the same way. I have a few scenes from the beginning done, a few that are in the beginning of the ending portion of the book, but nothing from the middle yet. I've been trying to figure that out still. Happy writing!

    1. Do you get blocked if you write in a straight line? I know I do if I'm not careful, which is why I go for the write whatever is in my head approach. If I can't think of what comes next I skip it and go back later. For some reason when I come back to it it always seems a lot easier to fill in what is needed :).

      Happy writing to you too!


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