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Wittegen Press - the website for the publishing company I run with my sister, which includes a catalogue of all our books.


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  • beren - my fanfic on the Archive Of Our Own 
  • berenwrites - my tumblr account - mostly used for pretty boys and talk of fanfic, but with some entries about my original fiction as well.

Legacy sites you may have bumped into me on: 

  • beren_writes - this is where I chat about anything and everything and where you will find links to my fanfiction.
  • beren-fic-only - this is where you will find most of my fanfic posted without the rest of the posts, except those about my original fiction.
  • beren-writes - since there has been some trouble on LJ lately when it comes to functionality, this account is a mirror and I cross post to it and LJ now.


  1. Tasha, I'm a massive fan of your fan-fiction, especially the Tokyo Hotel and Harry Potter stuff. I was wondering if I could reference your work in an upcoming novel I'm having published?

    The story is the second book in my 'Decadent' series, called 'The Other Side' and will be released in November. It's an M/M story and my MCs would be discussing your TH fan-fiction.

    I would credit you in the acknowledgements, obviously, if you were okay with this? If not, that's totally fine and I'll remove all mentions before publication.

    Elaine x

    1. I'd be delighted if you did :). Thank you so much for asking and good luck with the novel.

  2. hello Natasha Duncan-Drake your Bautifull Veri nice Hellp me Plaese


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