Monday, 19 April 2021

Many Exciting Things!

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Many Exciting Things

So much is going on at the moment. Lots of exciting stuff, so I thought I would post an update.


I am preparing to lauch my new Youtube channel Tales with Tasha. For this one I want to have everything ready well in advance, rather than winging it even remotely and it has taken far longer than I was expecting. There are spreadsheets, lovely people, lots of spreadsheet, which make me happy because there is just something about organising things in spreadsheets that it so satisfying.

I know, peak nerd, but it feeds the part of my soul that isn't wildly chaotic author πŸ˜‚.

Hannah Witton - Getting Excited about Numbers and Things
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I'm starting it off as a fiction channel, so my first job was organising all the fiction. There will be new stories as well, but also lots of my already written stories are being given the Youtube treatment. Youtube does not like mature content, so there were some that were simply unsuitable.

I have lists that categorise everything I have ever written by:

  • genre - so I can make sure there is a variety
  • length - so I can decide about episodes etc
  • rating - it's my own broad rating scheme: All, PGish, 12ish and Teen
  • seasonality - like Christmas, Valentines or Halloween
  • editing needed - Youtube is touchy about some things, so some stories needs gentle editing and others need whole scenes redoing.
and more that I will not bore you with. It's been a useful exercise in more ways than one because it includes everything, paperbacks, ebooks, online published, giveaway fiction etc, even though most of the fiction I intend to use on the channel are stories that are not the ones I have published on Amazon.

More details will be forthcoming very soon. I am almost ready to start recording!

My New Office

One of the things I need for the Youtube channel is a recording space and now I have it. 
Black box lighting up with the word "Recording in red"
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We had a back room we have used for storage for all the time we have lived in our house. It used to be a bedroom back in the day before we owned the house, but it was cold, dingy and full of polly boxes. The room was part of the original extension put on the house some time before 1964, but there are no records to say when. It still had its original wall paper and carpet.

My amazing, DIY-ly gifted husband has transformed it into a new office for me. It's been insulated, had a new floor on top of the old one which was drafty and not flat, had a new loft hatch put in so he can insulate the roof space too, been carpeted and decorated and had new lights.

It looks awesome, and I will post piccies, but not quite yet. Rob also heavily suggested it was time for me to have a new phone when he tried to install the ap to control my new lights and it went 'nope', because my current one is getting so old is can't run lots of things. That is arriving this week, and it has a far better camera, so I am waiting to take some piccies then πŸ˜‰.

The office is now the warmest room in the house and I love it - so do the cats.
Cat looking out a window.
Ruby enjoying the view from the window.

Most important item of furniture in the room.

New Book

While I am working on new fiction, I also have a Word Search book in the pipeline. I was trying to think of a new way to get my other books under the noses of new readers and it struck me, that people like puzzles. So each word search is based around a book. People can have fun with the word searches and, fingers crossed, I might be able to entice a few over to my fiction books too.

I'm about halfway through creating the word searches at the moment. More spreadsheets! πŸ˜‚

New Blog Content

I know I have been neglecting this blog for a while and I have plans to liven it up again. Wednesday will now be Word Search Wednesday, where I hope to entertain people with puzzles and maybe some interesting topics to go with them as well as monthly competitions. And I hope to get some more useful and fun content up as well on other days, but I am still planning that.

What kind of thing do you enjoy seeing on blogs that bring you back? Do let me know in the comments.

Love to all - hope you are doing well.πŸ’–

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