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Cat's Call - #WordSeach Fun No.3

Blurred Word Search with the title "Cat's Call - Word Search" over the top.

Cat's Call Word Search Fun!

My apologies for being a little late this week - I have trapped a nerve or strained something in the base of my neck/back (not sure which) and until today I was typing with only one hand. ๐Ÿ˜Ž As you can imagine, this was not very fast.

It's Word Search Wednesday again. How do the weeks go so fast?

N.B. Don't forget, this month's competition puzzle is still open for entries until May 13th, so check it out if you haven't already.

This week I was feeling fantasy inclined so the word search is based on my book Cat's Call. This is the first book in The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman (a trilogy at the moment) and it is full of magic and shapeshifting and multiple universe and many more exciting things. It even has dragons and vampires.

Charlie is a character very close to my heart, because he was one of the first I came up with when I decided to write books professionally. I sat down one day with no idea what I was going to write at all and simply started putting words on the page. That first chapter has long since been mostly deleted and recreated, but it gave me the essence of Charlie and for that I will always be grateful.

Q. Writers - do you ever sit down and just start to write to see what happens, or do you prefer to think it all through and plan before putting words on a page?

Round word search with a blurred word list and the word "preview" across the front.

Options for Solving

  1. Click the button below and start solving online. If you create a free account with (you only have to pay to create word searches) you can save your progress and come back later.
    Create account - top left of pop-up.
  2. For those who prefer the old school pen and paper, click here to download the PDF so you can print it.


For those who would like to check their answers or who can't find that last word, here is the solution:

Q. What is your favourite kind of puzzle?

Book of the Week

Cat's Call - Chronicles of Charlie Waterman Book 1
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Cat's Call by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Charlie doesn't believe in destiny, unfortunately destiny believes in him.

Accosted by a small clay, feline figurine, Charlie finds himself the chosen of the Cat Spirit, one of the Seven Great Spirits who protect the Balance of Existence. When he wakes up with a tail that will not go away no matter how he ignores it, he has to believe what is going on is real.

At eighteen, Charlie isn't old, but he's two years past the threshold for dealing with magic for the first time, apparently. This makes him weird, even in Between, a realm of magic, prophecy and shapeshifting. He could live without the earthquakes, thanks.

So now he has to: figure out magic; get along with five scarily competent sixteen year olds and one prickly vampire to form a team; and last but not least, be prepared to go to any world, in any universe when sent there by the Seer, so the Balance of Existence isn't destroyed by agents of chaos. All of which his mentor, Akari, assures him he did say yes to, even if he doesn't remember that part!

Charlie has never thought of himself as a hero, but Existence depends on him coming to terms with the fact that he is.
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