Wednesday 25 September 2019

Wittegen Press' New Look

Wittegen Press' New Look

I've finally done it - I gave the Wittegen Press website a new look. Now technically this should have just involved picking a new theme for WordPress, but things are never that simple, are they? πŸ˜

Do you like the new header? I think it speaks about the site much more than the old one which was just the logo.
New Wittegen Press Home Page

It loads much faster now too! I think the newer themes are much better than the 2014 theme we were using.

One thing that did surprise me, however, is how many of the currently offered themes are not responsive. I had to search carefully to make sure the one I picked was.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, responsive means that the site can be viewed equally well on PC, tablet and phone and it uses CSS div layouts to do it. There is also fluid layout which uses percentages to do it, but, as you can imagine, on a phone percentages are not going to work too well.

Had to sort out all the menus as well because, while the new theme tried to sort them out, if only has once widget area (the old one had 3) so it duplicated a whole load of the menus.

There were some other formatting issues that I had to sort out, but it was actually easier than I expected, which was nice for once πŸ˜‚

Other things I did while I was at it:

  • Added a page for Wittegen Eros
  • Updated all the books so they are now tagged Wittegen Press or Wittegen Eros so they can be found by publisher.
  • Updated all books with their new covers.
  • Implemented the featured stories scroller for the blog page.
New Wittegen Press Blog page
There is only one thing I can't fix and it's driving me batty. Our books used to have a G+ link on them, which is part of one of the plugins we use, and it's no longer formatting correctly, but it won't go away! I've turned off the social media setting for the plugin and turned it back on again, but it is still not working. Most frustrating.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look for Wittegen Press.

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