Monday, 20 May 2019

A Break Can Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

A Break Can Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

I was on holiday last week from Sunday to Friday and it has worked wonders for my inspiration and general outlook on everything.

It pains me to admit it, but I was feeling a bit burnt out before we went away. Writing seemed like so much effort. The ideas were all in my head, but turning them into words was hard. The break was just what I needed.

I took my hard drives and my laptop with me,
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
but when we got there I made a decision, I wasn't going to do anything writing related at all for the entire six days. And I didn't, well not exactly. My fingers stilled, but, wow, did my brain take off.

We were in the Lake District, staying in Windermere, and it was peaceful and lovely and we went all over the place to just as lovely villages, beauty spots and towns as well. If you've never been to the area, let me just say, the scenery is spectacular - wide valleys with huge crags on either side, twisty roads, woods, ancient ruins - it's got the lot. Driving through it all was great for the creative juices.
by Rob Drake
However, I think what helped me most of all was the reboot. The total down time where I barely thought about writing, except in those moments in the car when my mind did a bit of plotting, or going over a scene or two.

It was on the drive home that I really began thinking about writing again though. It took us 8.5hrs to get back thanks to someone tanking it on the M1 and I let my creative drive go wild.

I haven't felt this excited about writing in longer than I care to admit.

So, if we're facing burnout, just remember, sometimes a break can be just what we need. Even creative types need a rest sometimes!

Hope you are all well. Best wishes to you all.

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  1. I think breaks are so important, especially for creatives. So glad you were able to take a break and come back renewed and excited to write. That's fantastic!


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