Friday 1 February 2019

My Patreon is live! & Free Fiction Friday

My Patreon is Finally Live!

So after all my posts about the trials and tribulations of setting up my Patreon, it is finally live. I have pushed the go button.

I have my about section, my tiers and my intro vid all done and they are now there for the world to see.

It was very nerve wracking hitting launch, but I managed to make myself do it.
This is worse than publishing my first book - I feel like my child has just gone on stage or something!

Anyway, please go check out my Patreon - LMK what you think.
There are lots of options and thank you in advance for any pledges. 


Free Fiction Friday

It's that time of the month again as well - no, I'm not about to go all furry and grow fangs and howl at the moon, I mean it's Free Fiction Friday.

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by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: epic fantasy
Length: 8.8k words
Timon's home suffers under the rule of the magical, despotic Queen and her son, the Dark Prince. But Timon has power of his own and an unusual advantage: he looks almost identical to the prince. He and his friends have plans to use this and end the tyranny under which they all endure.


  1. Congrats on getting your Patreon up and running. Be interesting to hear how it goes for you. Good luck.

    1. Thank you. Now I just have to try and get people to join up! The really hard part.


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