Friday 14 December 2018

Journey to the Babe (Fantasy) - #FreeFictionFriday

Journey to the Babe - Free Fiction Friday

You may have noticed that Free Fiction Friday is a week late this month and I can only apologise - I had the lurgy last week and cold medication is not conducive to constructive thought. However, all germs have been fought back and so it is time for this month's free short story. This month we have a fantasy tale to bring warmth to all hearts, and the underlying theme might be a little bit familiar ;).

As ever the story is exclusive to members of our newsletter at Wittegen Press. We use the newsletter to keep our members up to date about new releases, competitions etc and, of course, Free Fiction Friday every month. There is a password to access the story which is sent out to our newsletter as soon as the story is posted, but never fear, if you are not yet a member it is really easy to become one and the password is also included in the final welcome email when you join up.

We pride ourselves on never spamming our members and we will never reveal your details to anyone else.

This Month's Free Story

Journey to the Babe
Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: fantasy
Length: Short Story
Hekima, Kuimari and Neema are each the last of their race in a world where magic has been all but forgotten, but the cycle of life has turned once more and it is time for magic to be reborn into the world. Together they seek the child through which this will happen.
I hope everyone is fit and healthy and that December is treating you well. Best wishes to all.

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