Friday 4 May 2018

Dragon Sight by Natasha Duncan-Drake #Fantasy #FreeFictionFriday

Dragon Sight - Free Fiction Friday

Another month is gone, another first Friday of the month has arrived. Which, of course, means free fiction for all our subscribers of the Wittegen Press Newsletter.

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Every month we launch a new short story to say thank you to all our subscribers, so far we have had:
  • Jul-17 - Dance of the Dead - paranormal scifi
  • Aug-17 - The Beast in Me - paranormal fantasy
  • Sep -17 - Dark Celebrations - scifi ghost
  • Oct-17 - Looking for Luticia - ghost
  • Nov-17 - A Matter of Will - Paranormal Fantasy
  • Dec-17 - Merry Mid-Winter - Paranormal Fantasy
  • Jan-18 - Manifesto of Meow - humour fantasy
  • Feb-18 - Love Speaks - paranormal romance
  • Mar-18 - Menagerie - humorous paranormal romance
  • Apr-17 - Clippe - ghost
And ...

Today we have:

Dragon Sight

 by Natasha Duncan-Drake

A dragon is guarding her clutch of eggs when she has a visitor. What is a dragon to do with a half-dead human that had the audacity to fall through a magical portal right next to her nest?

No spam and we'll give you 2 eBooks just for signing up.


  1. I just wanted to share that I enjoyed reading your posts on Movie Monsters for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Adding some films to my must see list, and got a few heads up on some I won't watch! I will sign up to follow you via email. Congratulations on completing the Challenge!

    1. Many thanks :) Glad I could share some of my favs. Congrats to you too.


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