Monday, 23 October 2017

Creepy Countdown Day 1 - What's That Noise?

We're almost at Halloween and we all know how that get's the mind turning. It's often just the idea of ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties that make us hide under the covers, or run for the light switch, so from now until the big day I thought it would be fun to talk about ordinary things that scare us when the mood is right. These are the kind of things good horror movies love to twist to get us going.

What's That Noise?

When we are primed for chills down our spines anything can set us off. The mind is the greatest weapon in the horror creator's arsenal. Once set along the right path, the smallest noise can trigger the creepiest feeling.

Something that is perfectly ordinary during the day can be terrifying at night, or after watching something spooky on the telly. This is both the joy and the drawback of enjoying a good scare.

Anything that is just a little strange, or that we weren't expecting can do it. In my house this is the ice maker in our refrigerator.

I kid you not!

It's getting dark earlier and earlier now and, sometimes, while I'm cooking diner and waiting for Rob to get home, I'll have my laptop on in the kitchen and I'll watch something spooky. Lately this is Evil Things - which is dramatisations of people being haunted in different ways because of things or places. So far the ice maker has got me three times!

When it makes more ice it whirs and drops the ice into the ice box. This makes a sudden, variable noise that spooks me every time. When it does this is also completely random.

It's bad enough with all the lights on, but, in our house, you have to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom, so sometimes it makes me jump out of my skin when I'm padding to the loo, in the dark, in the middle of the night. Stupid machine!

This is the type of scare a horror movie would use to build tension and then break it with the mundane, making us even more scared because we know next time it's going to be for real. It's silly, but it doesn't half get the blood pumping!

Do you have any appliances in your house that like to randomly scare you?

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  1. Our fridge likes to make random gurgles, which, as you say, fine during the day, no problem, totally rational explanation, but that gets completely irrational at night. And the boiler too, suddenly bursting into life (as combi-boilers do to keep the heating on) when I'm wandering past in the wee hours. The modern world can be so inconsiderate of over-active imaginations! ;P

    1. What we need is quiet appliances ... only that would probably be even more creepy - LOL :)


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