Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Holiday Hiatus :)

So my darling husband and I are off to Canada on Friday for our 20th anniversary trip. We had our honeymoon in Vancouver, took our 10th anniversary trip in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, and now we off back to BC for our 20th :).

Rob's parents are kindly house and cat sitting for us so we don't have to worry about our kitties. Yay!

The ideas of Amber & Ruby having no one sleeping in the house for the entire time or Amber in conjunction with any kind of cattery were rather nightmarish. Our girls are a bit clingy :). And Amber hates anyone she doesn't know on principle and is very scared of travelling.

Hence the house is as close to spotless as it will ever get and I have lists of lists so that Yvonne and Roger will be able to find and use everything when they are here :). They came the other weekend for a quick intro (as well as it being nice to see them :)), but, for example, we don't have a TV, we have a projector, so it's not what they're used to, and we have more remotes than are strictly necessary ;).

Y'know, we don't realise how much stuff in our own homes is a little eccentric until we have to explain it to someone else ;).

I also have a list of all the stuff I have to buy so all the essentials are in the house for them :).

Anyway, to the reason for this post. Because I will be away, and because I have been preparing to go away, this blog is taking a rest this month. I might post while I am away, but it depends on internet connections etc, so I'm not sure. Just don't expect a lot :D.

There will be an AtoZ Theme reveal post on the 20th for definite, and I will be back with a bang for the AtoZ proper in April. Probably a little before then too, we're only away for just under 2 weeks, it's that I have 3 books to format for paperback when I get back, so I'm gonna be busy :).


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  1. Hi Tasha - just enjoy that holiday and congratulations on 20 years ... a long way to go for 2 weeks ... but you know your way round and will go and do what you want to do - meet up with a few friends I hope ... just enjoy.

    Lucky you having the house and kitty cats well looked after ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you :D
      It's 2hrs less by plane than it was the last time we went -so yay, but still a long journey :)

      I am so glad Rob's parents are able to come stay. They just lost their doggie, so I expect our cats are going to get lots of fuss.

  2. Have a great 20th anniversary in that wonderful land called Canada. I'm jealous as I'd love to go back there one day - lived there on & off for three years. At least, I live nearer now - eight to nine hours to the BC or Alberta border - so it might get added to my bucket list...when I start one.

    1. Thank you, we shall do our very best. Going to see friends out there which will be great. I hope you get to go back soon. It really is a lovely place.


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