Tuesday, 22 November 2016

NaNoWrimo - The End is in Sight

So we are well on our way to the end of November and the end of NaNoWriMo. You can already vaildate your novel if you're way ahead of the game :).

I hope all your novels are coming along well. Here are just a few things to remember to help you to get to the end and your 50K.

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  • If you've written yourself into a corner - DON'T WORRY
    Go back to where you think it started to go off track and rewrite from there - JUST DON'T DELETE ANYTHING.
    Editing comes later and it may be that there are elements to both versions that you will be able to edit together. You still wrote the words so they still count - no one says the novel has to be publishable by Nov 30th.
  • It's always harder to finish the month, but PERSEVERE
    You've got this far, don't give up. The shiny has rubbed off, you probably hate bits of your novel, but y'know what? You've managed to write it so far. You can manage to finish the month and get your 50K words on the page and your NaNo badge on your blog. If you have to, write random scenes - the achievement of winning will boost your enthusiasm again so you can turn the novel into something great.
  • If you are behind, don't give up yet.
    Try and write a few extra words every day - you will be surprised how quickly they mount up.
  • Finding the word total every day daunting now the initial boost is gone?
    Write in 100 or 200 word segments. It takes no time at all to put down 100 words, you can do it in five mins here or there. Do that 16 times in a day and you have your daily word count.
  • Remember to keep rewarding yourself!
    This can really help with the final push. When you make your total in a sitting, be it the full word count or a smaller one in a smaller sitting - give yourself a treat. The other day my word count was like pulling teeth - I told myself if I finished by lunch time I could watch Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol while eating said lunch - it worked :)
  • Remember, writing is a great achievement. You're doing brilliantly.
  • Also remind yourself that some professional writers take years to finish a book, even if you only manage to write half of yours, you are awesome!
  • Don't worry about the nitty gritty, don't worry about the details that don't quite fit.
    Everything can be sorted in the editing stage. Your job now is to get those words out. I just realised that my timeline is shot in one small part of the story, but I'll sort that out later. Perfection will come when I have time to think about it ;).
NaNo Writers, Cheerleaders and everyone else involved, you're all marvellous and don't you forget it.

Good luck to everyone headed for the finish line.

Have you finished already? Are you way behind? Are you just ticking along nicely? LMK


  1. I did my own thing for the month and had some editing goals I wanted to achieve. I've gotten half accomplished so far.

  2. Ticking along nicely! :) I hit 40,000 words last night - when I started this month, I never believed I'd make it this far

    1. Awesome! Many congrats - so pleased it is going well for you. Good luck for the next 10k :)

  3. Another 40k achiever - well done Sara. I hit 44,370 last night even though struggling with health issues. Post hit the mark and reminded me that the finish line was in sight............but beyone a Thanksgiving feast.

    1. That's brill - sorry to hear about the health issues - hope they improve quickly.

      If I had to deal with something like Thanksgiving in the middle of NaNo I would never make it - LOL.

  4. I'm in awe hearing and reading about the success stories this year. Huge applauds for all those taking part. I'm sure your words of encouragement will be glady received, Natasha. I couldn't commit this year. Maybe next year.

    1. It's so good to hear how well people are doing, isn't it. NaNo can be so useful to concentrate the mind, but the commitment it definitely large :). I wish you luck for next year :D


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