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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Some Piccies of Our Kitties

I have a new instagram account: tashaddrake - which is mostly so I can post piccies of our kitties. Ruby is easier to photograph because she likes to sit of lie down and become an immovable object, but I did get a couple of Amber too :).
Amber wanting her tummy rubbed.

Amber deigning to sit still long enough for me to take a snap :)

Ruby demanding chin scritches :)

Ruby sprawled on my old office chair.

Ruby snoring :)


  1. So cute! My cat Sally also snores. Very loudly sometimes, it's actually pretty startling. :D

    1. Ruby's snores are quite quiet, but they are just the right frequency to get my attention - and I always think it's something else before I look round and see her :).

      Sally sounds adorable - it's amazing how much noise can come from one kitty isn't it? :)


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