Thursday, 7 July 2016

Friends are Awesome #ThinkyThurdays 17

Welcome to Thinky Thursday - the day I get to blog about whatever happens to be on my mind. Today it's friends.

Friends are Awesome

Y'know how the rugged loner is a really popular trope on TV, in movies and in books? That is so not me.

I am not a stand alone kind of person - that is to say I do not function well when left alone for long periods of time. Friends are awesome and I'm including family in this, because it's good to be friends with members of your family too.

Back in the day, I remember when internet friends seemed not quite as real as local friends, but the world has shrunk a lot since then. These days I consider many of my online friends much closer friends than the ones who live down the road, even though we might only get to meet up once or twice or year, or even once every five years for those in other countries, or in some cases, not at all.

So I just wanted to say to those who have been my friend, are my friend and will be my friend:

Thank you; You're Awesome


  1. Ahh, that's so sweet! And so true. I always thought if I were ever interviewed by James Lipton (clearly unlikely since I'm not an actor), I would choose "friend" as the answer to my favorite word. Have a great and awesome day!

  2. Friends, those we meet in our daily lives and those we meet online, are to be truly valued!

  3. So true! I adore the folks I've met online. I think it's the words that bind us, the creativity. Yes, thank you, it's a beautiful thought and one we should continue to mention frequently!

  4. Some of the folks I like most are bloggers I've never met. I'd rather read their posts than follow celebrities on Twitter, which so many of my friends do.

    1. Some celebrities are really lovely, some are just not the kind of people I would like to meet. It's much easier to talk to fellow bloggers and to make friends :)


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