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Thursday, 23 June 2016

The EU Referendum - #ThinkyThursdays 16

There is only one topic on everyone's lips today in the UK and that is:

The EU Referendum

For those outside the EU, who haven't had this thrust at them through lots of news sources, today the UK is voting on whether to remain in the European Union or the leave it. The feelings are so strong in certain areas that we've had an MP murdered over it, or at least murdered over issues brought up by it.

Now I don't often talk about voting on my blog, because I believe you have to go where your conscience takes you. However, in this case I am very much for


I have already voted because my husband and I went down for when the polls opened so he could almost catch his normal train.

I urge every UK citizen to get your bottom down to your polling centre and cast your vote. At least if we all turn out it will be a representation of the whole country, not just those who have been worked up into a frenzy.

If you watch nothing else about the EU Referendum then I suggest you watch the following video from John Oliver. It actually talks the most sense of any I have seen from either side! It captures my feelings perfectly.


  1. I'll be voting in a minute. I think it's been a horrible, mud-slinging campaign on both sides. When the British public deserved facts to make an informed decision, we were given scare stories and personality politics. I can't imagine, with the level of emotion raised, that we'll be able settle back down tomorrow and accept the result.

    1. I know - it's going to be a slog whatever happens. I got more facts from a satire show than I did from either camp. So many ridiculous scare stories.

  2. I hope the decision is to remain even though I no longer live in the UK, I agree, you would be batshit crazy to leave. Loved that video, especially the ending, thanks for sharing it Natasha. I will keep my fingers crossed, but even in my own family I've come across the "We're British for God's sake!" mentality.

  3. I do agree that it is important that as many folk as possible vote. A narrow win either way based on a low turn out would be a disaster.

    I'm still not sure what is the right option long term and I have voted. In the sort tern In makes sense, but long term is the European Union economically sustainable, maybe it is just too big and if it crashes we would crash with it. I just wish both campaigns had stuck with the economics of it and not the emotive subject of immigration, which as far as I am concerned is a good thing for any country.

    I think stay will win but we will see . . . .tomorrow

  4. Voted remain by postal weeks ago. Feel that everyone that can vote, should.

    Of course, I'm leaving the US anyway, but only as I'm emigrating. But I'll still be a UK citizen and have family here.

  5. As an American, I don't really know as much as I probably should about this but thanks for the John Oliver clip. He always had a great commentary.

    @Kathleen01930 Blog


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