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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K - Freddy Krueger & Jake Kesey - Fictional Phantoms #AtoZChallenge 2016

Greetings and warm welcomes to the letter K in our AtoZChallenge. Today I have two fictional phantoms who return for vengeance, only one of them is righteous and the other is very definitely not.

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

In Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street, the local teenage population is targeted and stalked by Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) in their dreams.

He kills them one by one as they sleep, seemingly completely invulnerable.

Freddy was once a child killer, who escaped from the law because of a technicality, only to be hunted down by a mod of angry parents. They then burnt him alive in the building where he used to take his victims; hence his pretty face. Now he takes his revenge on their children.

Don't sleep or Freddy will get you.

Jake Kesey (The Wraith)

Another 1980s fictional phantom now, only this one is the good guy. He was also murdered, only he hadn't done anything except fall in love with the wrong girl.

Jake Kesey (Charlie Sheen) arrives in the small town of Brooks, Arizona on the back of a motor cycle at the same time that a mysterious figure in Dodge Interceptor shows up to teach the local gang a lesson.

The gang, used to extorting people out of their cars by illegally racing with them, cannot beat the Interceptor as it kills them one by one.

Jake is really Jamie, a boy killed by the gang when he fell in love with a girl that Packard (Nick Cassavetes), the leader of the gang wanted.

Now he has returned to save Keri (Sherilyn Fenn), the girl he loves, and the town where he live from the gang who ended his life, accompanied by plenty of rock music.

I love this film, and its heroic phantom, even though it is corny.

So do you prefer your phantoms to be righteously vengeful or hideously evil and just out for blood?

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  1. Freddy Kruger is so scary!
    I've never seen the movie Wraith but I sure do now. Sounds fun!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  2. I remember watching a Freddy movie or two when I was a kid

    I remember Sherilyn Fenn from Twin Peaks back in the day. I didn't know she was in that movie too.

  3. I am going to say righteously vengeful, though I haven't seen either of these movies :)


  4. Freddy scared the crap out of me when these films came out, and I've not seen the other one! I might check it out as I don't mind corny!

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  5. Phantoms should be righteously vengeful, otherwise all that anger is just misplaced :-)

    I've never seen any of the Freddy movies. I'm not good with horror movies, I can never sleep for days after I see them.

    Cheers - Ellen | http://thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com/2016/04/k-is-for-knot-nancy-drew-investigates.html

  6. I've been watching horror movies since they days when I was still watching cartoons and no one scared me more than Freddy....the original movies are way out-dated nowadays, but I can still have Freddy dreams at any point in time and they still scare me!

  7. I can't even look at Freddy Kruger--he scares me. I'm not familiar with the other one.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends
    #AtoZchallenge http://www.kathleenvalentineblog.com/

  8. I wondered if you'd mention Freddy Kruger. The first time I ever screamed out loud at a cinema was watching Nightmare on Elm Street. Haunted me for nights to come. I know I'm a wimp.

    Writing Women’s Fiction

  9. I've avoided Freddy K for years now. I think I'll just continue to do that, so I can sleep at night.

  10. Freddy was one of the first contemporary ghosts to really freak me out.

    The Immarcescible Word


  11. I've never heard of The Wraith before. And Freddy can come into my dreams, if he dares. It's not pretty.

  12. Lol. When I was working at an auction house I had to drive a cast of Freddy Krueger in my car up the 405 freeway in traffic. Got quite a few funny looks.

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

  13. Depends on the story, but truthfully I don't care for phantoms at all. LOL I've never heard of the Wraith, but I'm also turned off by Charlie Sheen so probably won't look it up. I really, really hate Freddy, so frightening that first movie, I couldn't watch the others, but I'm chicken, all the way through. :)

  14. Ooooh, the Wraith sounds deliciously corny :D I like campy movies like that. Especially watching it with friends :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  15. I was really little when Freddy Krueger first hit the big screen so he still to this day scares the crap out of me.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  16. I was ten. my brothers 7 and 9 years older than I and into scary movies. Freddy Krueger movie 3 aka Dream Warriors. Marionette death scene. Nightmares for a month. Never again.

    I don't remember ever watching Wraith. It sounds more my style.

  17. For best righteous ghost, I'll pick The Crow. For most evil? Hmmm. Lots of competition on that score, but the little girl from The Ring creeps me out more than Freddy.

  18. For best righteous ghost, I'll pick The Crow. For most evil? Hmmm. Lots of competition on that score, but the little girl from The Ring creeps me out more than Freddy.


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